Irish dark comedy thriller series Obituary coming to Hulu this month

Obituary - Courtesy Hulu
Obituary - Courtesy Hulu /

Hulu is rolling out a new Irish dark comedy thriller series this month called Obituary, and we have the details for fans of the macabre.

Elvira Clancy is a young socially awkward woman who is obsessed with death. Luckily for her, she really enjoys her new job, which consists of writing obituaries in the Irish town of Kilraven. When the newspaper she works for starts hurting for money, Elvira’s boss cuts her salary. Now only being paid per obituary, she’s not quite what to do to improve her financial situation, especially since she also helps support her father.

She comes to a solution after accidently killing an exceptionally unpleasant person in town, and finds that she really enjoyed the experience. Much like Dexter Morgan (of Showtime series Dexter), Elvira starts to carefully choose her victims based on their negative personalities and habits…and as an added bonus, she gets paid per obituary, remember? So, the more deaths the better for Elvira!

As Elvira stumbles through each murder she commits, she discovers it’s not as easy as it seems, but a girl’s got to pay her bills, am I right?

Obituary – Courtesy Hulu /

Planning out how to make the deaths all look accidental is kind of fun too, but Elvira might be in trouble when the paper brings on a brand new crime correspondent who just may be on to her shenanigans. Complicating manners, Elvira finds that she really likes the new writer, so what’s she to do?

Obituary will hit Hulu next week

The new series, which consists of six episodes, begins streaming on Hulu on Tuesday, November 21. It stars Siobhan Cullen as Elvira, Michael Smiley, Danielle Galligan, Ronan Raftery and David Ganly. Obituary was written by the award-winning Ray Lawlor, an Irish script writer, and it was directed by John Hayes (Dublin Murders)

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