Shudder releases key art and charity details for Joe Bob’s Creepy Christmas

The Last Drive-In Special, Joe Bob Saves Christmas. Image courtesy Shudder
The Last Drive-In Special, Joe Bob Saves Christmas. Image courtesy Shudder /

Drive-In Mutants, unite! Details for Joe Bob’s Creepy Christmas have been released by Shudder, so we now know which charities will benefit from the annual auction. We also get to see the cool (as always) key art for the holiday special.

Let’s start by talking about the charities chosen by Joe Bob and Darcy this year. First up is Wildlife Conservation Network. According to their website, they offer sponsorship and help with fundraising, but also help their partners write grants, give scholarships, build websites, offer internships and help conservationists connect with one another.

Paralyzed Veterans of America was founded in 1946, and its members are armed forces veterans with spinal cord or dysfunction. They use their expertise to advocate for quality health care, education and research, civil rights and benefits for veterans who have these injuries.

Every Mother Counts lists their approach as such:

"“We envision a world where all women have the opportunity to enter motherhood and not only survive, but thrive.”"

The statistics on maternal deaths are sobering, and we are not just talking about third world countries. A quote on their website states that “The US is the only industrialized nation with a consistently rising maternal mortality rate.” This in spite of the fact that we spend more money per capita on healthcare than any other country.

The final charity being supported by Joe Bob’s Creepy Christmas special is Solving Kids’ Cancer. Their focus is on aggressive childhood cancers that have low survival rates. Their mission is to assist with the acceleration of new treatments such as vaccines, immunotherapy and new drugs that may help children survive cancer. They are advocates of clinical trials.

Joe Bob's Creepy Christmas
Joe Bob’s Creepy Christmas – Courtesy Shudder /

When will Joe Bob’s Creepy Christmas special air?

The new special will run live on Shudder TV and AMC+ TV at 9:00 p.m. ET on December 15. It can be watched on demand on AMC+ and Shudder beginning on December 17

As is usual for The Last Drive-In and any of its specials, the titles of the films that will be featured haven’t been announced. And as we fans know, just because this is a Christmas special, that doesn’t necessarily mean the featured films will be related to the holiday.

That said, my wish list for Joe Bob’s Creepy Christmas, based on films that will be available this month on Shudder, includes:

Black Xmas

The Sacrifice Game

The Children

It’s a Wonderful Knife

I don’t know about you, but I will be keeping an eye on Twitter for hints and clues regarding the films that will get the Joe Bob treatment!

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