Arrow’s December includes holiday frights, ninjas and revenge

Arrow December - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow December - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow is moving into the twilight of 2023 as we have finally reached our final month of the year. This month is all about curling up next to a roaring fireplace, cocoa in hand, and snuggling up next to loved ones while the snow falls outside. But would that even be enjoyable without something great to watch and enjoy? Arrow has you covered yet again. As we lose more daylight, Arrow is making sure your tv screen stays merry and bright with a bevy of martial arts, haunts, and selections for your holiday season.

Arrow December – Courtesy Arrow Video /

Starting quick on December 1st, Arrow presents a duo of martial arts action that will get the heart beating early. Once Upon a Chinese Hero Kickboxer features Yuen Biao as Lau Zhai, a kung-fu initiate who partners with a police chief to take down an opium ring. The second feature Ninja Hunter is a tale of villain Abbot White, who is being tracked down by the last few remaining Shaolin monks after teaming up with a trio of deadly ninjas. Together, White and the ninjas have stamped out many of the Shaolin order and to restore peace and justice, White and his ninjas must be permanently defeated.

Moving right along to the 15th, Arrow has a quartet of dishes best served cold….revenge dishes. I Want Him Dead takes us to the Civil War Era where a gunslinger’s plan for revenge on his murdered sister involves an assassination plan of two generals. The Four of the Apocalypse follows three petty criminals through the hills and valleys of Wild West Utah as they are slowly tracked by a sadistic and unhinged bandit. El Puro takes us to a old saloon where a dancer is helping a gunman hide out. When bounty hunters break in, killing her, a final showdown ensues as the gunman takes his revenge on his fallen angel. Lastly, Wrath of the Wind stars Terence Hill as a foul-mouthed gunslinger in Spain who has his sights set on the local landlord who is abusing the community laborers. All of these harrowing tales feature some sort of comeuppance and should leave the viewer feeling satisfied and ready for seconds.

Arrow December – Courtesy Arrow Video /

On December 29th, Arrow dips back into the martial arts bag for some classic Chinese fight epics. Five Fighters from Shaolin features a monk who leaves his temple to defeat the Chinese Imperial Guards who murdered his colleague. He collects five men and starts training them to defeat the guards alongside him, even bringing in the help of a mystical white haired wizard. The Leg Fighters features Tan, a Chinese kung-fu expert, training a bratty princess and her servant in the art of kung-fu. However, while he is teaching, a brother of a slain foe from his past is tracking him down seeking his revenge.

As always, Arrow also has a wide array of seasons dropping this month. Starting at the top of the month with the spookiest, Happy Horror-Days! which features a collection of snowy and holiday filled horror romps that are sure to get you in the giving season. Arrow is personally giving us their holiday blessings when they drop titles such as Chill Factor and Holiday Fear. Arrow has also invited you graciously to the birthday of Gala Avery, the Video Archives podcast and host of the Gala Show, on December 4th. She has granted us 20 handpicked selections of her favorite films. With titles such as Bloody Birthday and The Initiation, you don’t want to miss whatever Gala has unwrapped for you on her special day. On the 15th, prepare for a holiday feast of the greatest proportions with No Sense and No Money: The Seijun Suzuki Collection. Named after the legend’s famous quote of, “I make movies that make no sense and no money”, Seijun Suzuki has left behind a legacy of work that has inspired many. With titles such as Eight Hours of Terror and The Boy Who Came Back, you won’t want to miss this collection. Finally, Arrow is taking us home with a collection handpicked from the demented mind of Travis Stevens. In Travis Stevens Selects, the heralded producer stated, “It was a pleasure diving into the ARROW catalogue to pull together a selection of international films that cover everything from sex & violence, to haunted relationships, to tactile science fiction, to alt vampires, to how the hell did that movie ever get made? Basically, everything that makes cinema great, now streaming only on Arrow.”

All things considered, the sunlight is going away and the days are dark and long. You might as well not tackle this winter alone and instead let Arrow into your house. As per usual, there is no better place to be this month than Arrow. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30-day free trial.