50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

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The Pack
The Pack /

39. The Pack

Release date: 2015

Directed by Nick Robertson

Written by Evan Randall Green

Starring Katie Moore, Anna Lise Phillips, Jack Campbell

This might be the movie to make you rethink buying a country house.

In danger of losing their farmhouse, things couldn’t seem to get any worse for this unlucky family. That is, until a ferocious pack of wild attack dogs suddenly target the residence— and the people inside. Will any of them survive?

Admittedly, that’s all there is to the plot, but honestly it’s a very nice change of pace to just get a plain, old simple horror film. The acting was good and the characters were likable. If you ask me, we were overdue for a good killer dog film. As goofy as it sounds to read, the movie is a lot more horrifying than you’d think.

The Pack isn’t bad at all for a movie you’ve never heard of. We say give it a try.

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