50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

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36. Stephen King’s Children of the Corn

Release Date: 1984

Directed by Fritz Kiersch

Written by George Goldsmith

Based on Children of the Corn by Stephen King

Starring Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton

In the first film adaptation of the classic Stephen King horror novel, Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton star as a physician and his girlfriend on a road trip through the Midwest. When they come across the body of a child in Nebraska, they stop and try to help, only to find that the town is populated only by creepy children. Things go from bad to worse when the couple has to run for their lives when the evil, brainwashed kids start trying to kill them.

While the plethora of sequels in this franchise has deteriorated in quality as they drove on, the original film here is a solid reimagining of an iconic Stephen King story.  Kids aren’t always creepy in horror films, but this is certainly one case that they were.

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