50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

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Credit: Dimension Films
Credit: Dimension Films /

50. Clown

Release Year: 2014

Directed by Jon Watts

Written by Christopher D. Ford and Jon Watts

Starring Christian Distefano, Laura Allen, Andy Powers, and Peter Stormare

This movie started as a joke Grindhouse trailer, never originally intended to become an actual movie. Its compelling concept though would eventually lead to the film getting the green light and being made into an actual full length horror film. And for those afraid of clowns, this one is sure to be immensely freaky.

In this movie, family man Kent finds a clown costume and puts it on to entertain his son for his birthday. Unable to remove it the next day, Kent comes to find out that the suit is living, using Kent as a host to find human prey to devour. There’s supposedly only two ways for Kent to escape this curse… but both options are beyond horrible.

Clown is a unique twist on the typical killer clown movie, with a plot reminiscent of the Goosebumps story “The Haunted Mask”. The execution isn’t flawless, but it’s still worth checking out.

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