50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

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Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 - Courtesy of New World
Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 – Courtesy of New World /

29. Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Release Date: 1988

Directed by Tony Randel

Screenplay by Peter Atkins

Story by Clive Barker

Starring Doug Bradley, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Kenneth Cranham

To be quite honest, most of the Hellraiser sequels have not been well received. While the original film is universally praised, some of the follow-ups are considered among horror’s worst. But you’ll find differing opinions from fans on which ones are truly the worst.

However, many will agree that Hellraiser 2 is the best sequel in the series. Kirsty Cotton from the first movie returns, still haunted by the destruction of her family at the hands of Pinhead.

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