50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

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28. Red Dragon

Release Date: 2002

Directed by Brett Ratner

Screenplay by Ted Tally

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson, Mary-Louise Parker, Philip Seymour Hoffman

"Ex-FBI agent Will Graham (Edward Norton) is an expert investigator who quit the Bureau after almost losing his life in the process of capturing the elusive Dr. Lecter (Anthony Hopkins). After a series of particularly grisly murders, Graham soon realizes that the best way to catch this killer, known as the Tooth Fairy, is to find a way to get inside the killer’s mind. For Graham, that means confronting his past and facing his former nemesis, the now-incarcerated Lecter."

The final of the three movies to star Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter, Red Dragon serves as a prequel to The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. In a vein similar to the original film, an ex-agent must regrettably work with Lecter to pursue another serial killer. It expands further on the mythology of the character, and knowing Hopkins would walk away from the role forever after this, it’s a must for fans of the series (and horror in general) to check this one out.

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