50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

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10. The ABCs of Death

Release: 2012

Directed by Various Directors

Screenplay by Various Writers

We love one-of-a-kind horror movies here at 1428 Elm, and The ABCs of Death certainly fits that description. This isn’t so much a movie as it is 26 short films; each letter of the alphabet was assigned to a different director, who would then construct a short film based on a word starting with that letter. That’s right, 26 different directors took part in making The ABCs of Death. They were given complete creative control over their entries, even being allowed to choose whatever word they wanted to use for theit stories. The only rule was that it had to involve death.

With so many different creative minds behind this movie, it’s pretty insane from start to finish. Some of the stories are pretty creepy while others are more hilarious; others gave us a nice blend of both. We won’t say all 26 shorts are amazing, but we think you’ll have fun seeing which ones are your own favorites. In any case, this is a crazy ride that you’ll have fun taking.

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