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Holidays (Vertigo)
Holidays (Vertigo) /

7. Holidays

Release: 2016

Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Gary Shore, Matt Johnson, Scott Stewart, Nicholas McCarthy, Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch, Sarah Adina Smith, Anthony Scott Burns

Starring Seth Green, Harley Quinn Smith, Ruth Bradley, Ava Acres, Lorenza Izzo

If you didn’t already guess from that long list of names up there, this is an anthology film involving several different directors. Each one was able to film their own segment, featuring some sort of horror-comedy tale set on a different holiday.

This is a very unique idea for a horror anthology film, and I can’t say it isn’t highly entertaining. Seeing these creative takes on all of the different major holidays, up to and including St. Patrick’s Day, was awesome. While some stories are darker than others, it’s all very amusing and definitely worthy of your time.

My personal favorite would be Scott Stewart’s Christmas story, which stars Seth Green as a father desperately hunting down a coveted VR headset for his son. When he sees someone else buying the very last one before dying of a heart attack moments later, Green’s character takes the headset home… but something is very wrong with it.

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