6 horror titles coming to Netflix in May 2024 that you should definitely check out

Bodkin. (L to R) Seán Óg Cairns as Garda Eoin, Kerri McLean as Maeve, Siobhán Cullen as Dove, Robyn Cara as Emmy Sizergh, Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 103 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024
Bodkin. (L to R) Seán Óg Cairns as Garda Eoin, Kerri McLean as Maeve, Siobhán Cullen as Dove, Robyn Cara as Emmy Sizergh, Will Forte as Gilbert Power in episode 103 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /

We're approaching a new month, and we can't wait to watch all the new shows and movies coming to Netflix in May 2024. More specifically, all the horror titles that are slated to be released. Sadly, the streamer won't be dropping that many horror movies and shows next month, but the ones that will be released are definitely worth checking out.

There are six horror titles scheduled to make their way to Netflix throughout May. Some are licensed content, while others are Netflix originals. Below, you'll find a list of all the horror content coming to Netflix next month.

Note: Many of the titles listed below aren't exactly of the horror genre but have horror elements to them or are horror-adjacent. That's why we included them on the list.

Bodkin. Siobhán Cullen as Dove in episode 107 of Bodkin. Cr. Enda Bowe/Netflix © 2024 /


Netflix release date: May 9, 2024

Described as a dark comedic thriller, Bodkin is an upcoming Netflix original series created by Jez Scharf. It follows a group of true crime podcasters as they investigate several mysterious disappearances that occurred 25 years ago in an idyllic Irish town.

Emmy-nominated actor Will Forte stars in the leading role of Gilbert Power, an American podcaster who is eager to find his next big story. Also in the cast are Siobhán Cullen, Robyn Cara, David Wilmot, Chris Walley, Seán Óg Cairns, Peter Bankole, and Kerri McLean.

Monster Image Courtesy Netflix /


Netflix release date: May 16, 2024

Monster is an upcoming Indonesian horror thriller flick directed by Rako Prijanto from a screenplay written by Alim Sudio. It centers around two young kids who are abducted by a strange man and placed in the trunk of his car. But while one is taken to a desolate house at the top of a mountain, the other is left gagged in the trunk. The one that is left in the trunk manages to escape and sets out to save her friend. But will she be able to successfully rescue her friend and escape their abductor?

Find out by watching Monster, landing on Netflix on May 16. Marsha Timothy, Alex Abbad, Anantya Kirana, and Sulthan Hamonangan all star in this new horror film.

Eric: Limited Series
Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent / Ivan Howe as Edgar Courtesy Netflix /


Netflix release date: May 30, 2024

Eric is a Netflix limited series created by Abi Morgan. It's being described as an emotional psychological thriller that centers around a desperate father who goes on a search for his nine year old son who suddenly goes missing one morning on the way to school.

Emmy Award-winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the leading role of Vincent, a well-known puppeteer and creator of a popular children’s television show. After his son, Edgar, goes missing on the way to school, Vincent becomes highly distressed and begins to feel guilty about his disappearance. This causes him to enter into a destructive state, ultimately pushing those closest to him away.

With his mental state not in a healthy place, he begins to cling to Edgar's drawings of a puppet named Eric. He then becomes convinced that his only hope of finding Edgar is by bringing Eric to life and on his TV show. He believes that this will reunite him with his son.

Young actor Ivan Howe plays Vincent's 9-year-old son, Edgar. Additionally, Gaby Hoffmann, McKinley Belcher III, Roberta Colindrez, Jeff Hephner, Wade Allain-Marcus, Dan Fogler, Clarke Peters, Phoebe Nicholls, David Denman, and others are in the cast.

Hellboy (2019)

Netflix release date: May 1, 2024

This Hellboy film is considered a reboot of the popular Hellboy film series and is the third live-action movie in the franchise. It stars Stranger Things star David Harbour as the titular character. In this film, we see Hellboy caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human while also trying to stop an evil resurrected sorceress from wreaking havoc and exacting revenge.

Milla Jovovich plays the role of the ancient resurrected sorceress, Nimue the Blood Queen. Also joining Harbour and Jovovich in the cast are Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim, Thomas Haden Church, and others.

The Clovehitch Killer

Netflix release date: May 15, 2024

The Clovehitch is a 2018 horror thriller film that was inspired by the story of real-life infamous serial killer Dennis Rader aka the BTK killer. It centers around a teen boy who, after finding a bunch of disturbing photos in his father's possession, fears that his father might be the psychopath known as the Clovehitch Killer, a serial killer who tortured and killed 10 female victims 10 years earlier but was never caught.

Charlie Plummer portrays the role of the teen boy, Tyler Burnside, while Golden Globe Award-winning actor Dylan McDermott plays Tyler's dad who he suspects to be a serial killer, Don Burnside. Other actors in the cast are Samantha Mathis, Madisen Beaty, Brenna Sherman, Lance Chantiles-Wertz, and Emma Jones.


Netflix release date: May 16, 2024

If you're looking for something to watch that'll have you on the edge of your seat throughout, and that's filled with action-packed sequences, you should definitely check out Upgrade when it lands on Netflix on May 16.

After a brutal mugging leaves auto mechanic Grey Trace paralyzed and his wife dead, he's visited by a client of his, renowned tech innovator Eron Keen, who offers him the chance to be able to walk again and get the revenge he wants. How? By implanting an experimental computer chip called STEM that will allow him to control his body.

When They See Us star Logan Marshall-Green plays the role of Grey Trace, while Melanie Vallejo portrays Grey's wife, Asha Trace, and Harrison Gilbertson as Eron Keen. Also in the cast are Betty Gabriel, Benedict Hardie, Linda Cropper, Simon Maiden, Richard Cawthorne, Christopher Kirby, and Kai Bradley.

We're looking forward to watching all these horror and horror-adjacent titles on Netflix in May. Will you be watching any of these shows and movies?

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