7 new horror movies and shows releasing this week, including Longlegs

Will Longlegs be worth all the hype?
Maika Monroe in LONGLEGS, courtesy of NEON
Maika Monroe in LONGLEGS, courtesy of NEON /

One of the summer's biggest and most anticipated horror movie releases has finally arrived! Longlegs makes its theatrical debut in cinemas nationwide this Friday. It seems fitting that with a serial killer movie on the horizon, there are also two new true crime docuseries releasing this week that involve people tracking and hunting violent criminals.

Additionally, Shark Week is officially underway on the Discovery Channel, hosted by John Cena, and running through this Sunday, July 14. Those without cable can watch new programming through Discovery on Max.

New episodes of Evil (Paramount+) and Presumed Innocent (Apple TV+) air this week along with the season 2 finale of Reginald the Vampire on Syfy.

Longlegs (Theaters, July 12)

After months of anticipation and a terrifying marketing campaign, the general public will finally get to decide if Longlegs will live up to the hype. Maika Monroe stars as FBI Agent Lee Harker, the woman assigned to track down the film's titular elusive serial killer, played by Nicolas Cage at his absolute creepiest. Receiving near-universal acclaim from critics, Longlegs has been hailed as the scariest movie of the decade. Releasing in theaters on July 12.

Shark Week (Discovery Channel)

John Cena hosts this year's Shark Week, which officially kicked off on Sunday, July 7, on the Discovery Channel. If you don't have the network, you'll be able to check out the latest shark-based entertainment on Max. Running through Sunday, July 14, Shark Week 2024 will feature 21 hours of new programming.

Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order (Freeform, July 9)

A new documentary series on Freeform, Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order centers on a group of women investigating cold cases and diving into the mind of killers using forensic evidence and their combined data skills. Led by Dr. Sasha Reid, she and her team of young women from a range of backgrounds work together to protect society's most vulnerable.

Latency (VOD, July 9)

Sasha Luss and Alexis Ren star in this tech thriller about an agoraphobic gamer who is specially chosen to sample a groundbreaking piece of video game technology that utilizes AI to track her brain's electrical activity. As you might expect, things quickly go awry when it seems like the AI might have a secret sinister agenda. Coming to VOD on July 9.

Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer (Hulu, July 11)

True crime buffs will want to ensure they have their Hulu subscription set up this week to check out this fascinating investigative docuseries about researcher Ann Burgess, whose work with the FBI helped develop means of tracking serial killers and other violent criminals through her novel methods.

Lumina (Theaters, July 12)

An alien abduction horror/sci-fi film following a group embarking on a perilous journey to track down their missing friend after she mysteriously vanishes amid a sudden appearance of lights from the sky. Their journey takes them to an underground military base, where they encounter an extraterrestrial monstrosity.

The Exorcism (VOD, July 9)

If you missed seeing Russell Crowe's latest religious horror movie in theaters, you can catch it at home this week when it becomes available to rent or buy on demand starting on Tuesday, July 9. Crowe plays a troubled actor who begins to unravel on the set of his latest role, playing a priest in a horror movie.

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