7 of the scariest Australian horror movies of all time

Talk to Me movie
Talk to Me movie /

Australia is home to some of the tensest and most disturbing horror movies in the genre. From the breakout hit Talk to Me to cult classics like Wolf Creek, there are a ton of fantastic features to discover. Here are a few of our favorite Australian horror films.

Talk to Me (2023)

Communing with spirits and god knows what else as part of a party game? What could go wrong?

As any horror fan will tell you, a lot. A lot can go wrong, and that’s exactly what happens in this terrifying flick from Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou. Not only is Talk to Me frightening and replete with disturbing imagery, but it also boasts a star-making performance by lead actress Sophie Wilde. 

Wolf Creek (2005)

Mick Taylor is one of the scariest horror movie villains out there, ranking among heavyweights like John Kramer. It’s a shame he doesn’t get more recognition from the genre, especially with John Jarratt’s deviant and psychologically scarring performance. Sometimes described as “torture porn,” don’t let that dissuade you from trying it.

Wolf Creek is plenty disturbing but it’s not that gory, sort of like the original Saw. Don’t get me wrong, it will viscerally disturb you and make you want to avoid the Australian outback, but the blood and guts are kept to a minimum. Mick’s presence and torture methods are frightening enough on their own to not need to be overly graphic. 

Lake Mungo (2008)

A movie for people who got really freaked out by the home videotapes in Sinister. Lake Mungo is one of those horror movies that is disturbing in part because it feels so real.

Sometimes you have to forcefully remind yourself that you’re just watching a movie and not a chilling true crime story. When a 16-year-old girl is discovered dead, her family unravels the dark web that was her life, revealing many horrible things they were unaware of about their own daughter.

Wyrmwood (2014)

The general thrust of this chaotic sci-fi horror film is Mad Max with zombies. Despite its low budget, Wyrmwood has become something of a cult classic and even spawned a sequel. It’s a little cheesy at times but it’s got solid characters and an original storyline.

Sissy (2022)

Aisha Dee is phenomenal in this cutthroat and darkly humorous tale of a girl who winds up sharing a cabin with her childhood bully and seeks revenge against her. It’s a queer horror film with some really twisted and off-the-wall death scenes, an underrated gem I highly recommend checking out if you can.

Killing Ground (2016)

Killing Ground would make a great (and harrowing) double feature with Wolf Creek. They're both intense thrillers set in the Australian Outback, where tourists are terrorized by strangers they mistakenly stumble upon. In Killing Ground, the main characters are a couple trying to have a romantic excursion, only to stumble upon a nightmare after they ignore warnings to forgo their plans.

Snowtown (2011)

Considered not only one of Australia's most disturbing films but one of the most disturbing overall, Snowtown is a really intense biographical crime drama that is based on a real series of murders that occurred in South Australia. It follows a violent killer who takes his girlfriend’s son under his wing as they commit a murder spree together. Not for the faint of heart, especially for animal lovers who might want to skip this one.

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