Arcadian, Humane, and all the great horror films coming to Shudder in July

Shudder is adding two new exclusives in July, including Nic Cage's Arcadian and Humane.
ARCADIAN - Still 12 - Courtesy RLJE Films
ARCADIAN - Still 12 - Courtesy RLJE Films /

There is no better way to spend hot summer days and nights than by tuning into the chilling content available on Shudder. In July, the horror streaming platform is rolling out two brand-new exclusives and adding plenty of films to their Shudder Resurrected roster as well.

July 1:

The Shining – Based on Stephen King’s iconic novel, this is the tale of Jack, Wendy, and their son Danny. Hoping to rebuild their lives, Jack takes on an off-season job at the Overlook Hotel during the harsh winter. With no guests or employees at the hotel, the three are isolated as supernatural events start to set off Danny’s psychic abilities and push Jack to the edge of his sanity.

#ChadGetstheAxe – Social media is in the horror spotlight frequently these days, and #ChadGetstheAxe joins films such as Deadstream, Super Host and Influencer on Shudder. Four influencers visit Devil’s Manor, said to have once hosted a demonic cult, and get more than they bargained for when they live stream the investigation.

Dr. Giggles – Larry Drake chews the scenery as a man who escapes a mental institution to return to his hometown. Once there, he begins a murder spree and stalks a teenage girl with a serious heart condition.

She is Conann
She is Conann - Courtesy Exile PR /

July 8:

She Is Conann – “Conann’s life at different stages is shown with a different aesthetic and rhythm from the Sumerian era to the near future.”

Class of Nuke ‘Em High – In classic Troma Entertainment fashion, students at Tromaville High School go off the deep end after smoking marijuana contaminated by nuclear waste.

House on Haunted Hill (1959) – Eccentric millionaire Frederick Loren (Vincent Price) makes an offer that five people can’t refuse: Agree to spend the night in a huge haunted mansion, and take home $10,000.

Possum – “After returning to his childhood home, a disgraced children’s puppeteer is forced to confront his wicked stepfather and the secrets that have tortured his entire life.”

We Are Still Here – After the death of their child Bobby in a car accident, Paul and Ann movie into a home in New England. When Anne claims that she is seeing Bobby in the house, a neighbor tells them they should leave. It seems that every thirty years, the house requires a sacrifice.

July 12:

Arcadian (Shudder Exclusive) – On the same day Nicolas Cage’s new theatrical release Longlegs hits the big screen, you can watch another recent film that he stars in.  Arcadian is set in a post-apocalyptic future where the surviving humans are fairly safe in the daylight. Hower, after sundown, murderous creatures set out to eliminate humanity. Paul is a dad with two teen sons who have to use what he has taught them about survival in order to save his life.

*Several Nicolas Cage films will also be available to watch on Shudder in July, including Sympathy for the Devil, Bangkok Dangerous, A Score to Settle, Prisoners of the Ghostland, Mandy and Color Out of Space.

ARCADIAN - Still 1
ARCADIAN - Still 12 - Courtesy RLJE Films /

Humane (Shudder Exclusive) – This is another post-apocalyptic scenario, in which earth is being forced to eliminate 20% of its population. One of the solutions to this problem is to set up a voluntary euthanasia program, and when a father announces during a family dinner that he is choosing the option, chaos ensues. Caitlin Cronenberg (David Cronenberg’s daughter) makes her directorial debut with Humane.

July 15:

Etheria Film Night 2024 - Etheria is a film festival devoted to showcasing short horror, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, action and thriller films directed by women. Judging by some of the work I have seen in the past, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Starry Eyes – Aspiring actress Sarah has a meltdown after a bad audition, and the director is impressed enough by her screaming and hair pulling that she gets a callback. But, it turns out there is a price to pay for fame and fortune in Hollywood.

The Hole in the Fence – A highly regarded religious private school for boys sends its elite students to an off site summer camp, where they are trained in faith. But everything changes when the boys find a hole in the fence that surrounds the camp.

Rabid Grannies – In this horror/comedy, two elderly sisters receive a gift that turns out to be cursed, causing the sweet old ladies to transform into crazed cannibals. Can you say “Troma”?

Maniac Cop – When a killer cop goes on a murder spree in New York City, it causes panic and fear in the city. But the only thing worse than a murderous police officer is one who is supposed to be dead.

July 22:

Sleep Tight Cesar – “A miserable man who works as an apartment concierge, takes a special interest in an attractive woman who lives there – and goes to great lengths to trouble her.”

Tromeo and Juliet – Welcome back for another Troma film! Tromeo is a filmmaker who falls madly in life with Juliet, the daughter of his former partner.  

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