Arcadian, Tarot, and 5 horror titles to watch (or to skip) this weekend, May 3-5

Which horror movies and shows are worth watching this first weekend of May?
ARCADIAN - Still 12 - Courtesy RLJE Films
ARCADIAN - Still 12 - Courtesy RLJE Films /

Are you looking for a new horror movie or television show to watch this weekend? Horror films like Arcadian and New Life are out now on demand while the Sony flick Tarot is playing in theaters. Here are our recommendations for what's worth watching and what you can skip the weekend of May 3-5!

New Life (2023)

WATCH! A new indie thriller from director and writer John Rosman starring Hayley Erin and Sonya Walger, New Life is a brutal and fast-paced film about a woman on the run under mysterious circumstances and the highly-trained fixer assigned to track her down. I'd go into this one blind if you can. It packs a punch.

Tarot (2024)

SKIP! I actually liked Tarot (you can read my full review) for the most part and found the creature designs to be suitably creepy, but I can't argue with the 5% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes. If my review entices you to see it, I say go for it, but otherwise, you can just wait for the film to stream on Netflix in a couple of months as it's part of the overall Sony/Netflix streaming deal.

Something in the Water (2024)

SKIP! A destination wedding turns into a nightmare when a group of friends is terrorized by a shark that starts picking them off one by one. There are way too many better shark attack movies and creature features out there to spend money on this one unless you're absolutely dying for another. If you do want to watch it, it's currently out to rent or buy on Apple TV.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

WATCH! No, it's not a new release, but with Pretty Little Liars: Summer School kicking off next week (May 9) on Max, now is the perfect time to either rewatch or start the first season! Even if you lost faith in the original Pretty Little Liars or never got invested in its various spinoffs (The Perfectionists or Ravenswood), I suggest giving Original Sin a chance, especially if you're a horror fan.

Not only is the show genuinely good with compelling characters and a crazy slasher storyline, it also features so many fun horror movie references and easter eggs that fans will enjoy trying to pick up on.

Arcadian (2024)

WATCH! Nicolas Cage stars in this new release that just hit digital this weekend. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a father and his twin sons must do whatever it takes to survive the terrifying creatures that come out and prey on the living by night. When their dad is nearly killed, the boys come up with a dangerous plan to save him. You can rent or buy the movie on demand from Apple, Amazon, and other online retailers.

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