Arrow in April: Magic tricks and killer kids

Arrow April - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow April - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Spring has sprung, the sun is high in the sky and the days are slowly getting longer. As the world is celebrating a bright and cheery revival, Arrow wants to pull viewers back down into the depths of terror and suspense with many new selections this month. Chock full of a wide array of new titles and old classics, this month is sure to turn up the heat as we march towards the summer.

Kicking us off on April 5th, the Arrow Video Podcast drops its first of many new podcasts this month. You can join Sam and Dan to discuss the sci-fi original epic Dune (1984) and the kaiju classic Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. Other episodes will continue to drop on the 19th including discussing topics such as Phantasm, Hellraiser, and the martial arts horror The Boxer's Omen. Don't miss this high level long form analysis of some classics and some oft forgotten favorites.

On April 12th, Arrow is focusing again on short films from up and coming talent when they drop a quartet of bite-size horror. Arm focuses on a lonely women who buys a boyfriend pillow to comfort her during the pandemic and gets way more than what she bargains for. Meat Friend follows a sentien pile of hamburger meat who teaches after school lessons to a child in a comedy horror short. BLEEP! dives into a struggling relationship holding on by a string, who join forces together to solve a mysterious bleep noise coming from somewhere inside their house and Bad Acid explores a realm where ego, fitness and vanity all collide into one explosive short.

Arrow April 24 lineup
Arrow April - Courtesy Arrow Video /

On April 30th, Arrow closes out the month with a 4K remastered version of the cult-classic Basket Case. A debut of acclaimed director Frank Henenlotter, this 1982 gorey masterpiece is getting a well-earned first time run in glorious 4K. All of the bloody riot, in much more vivid detail, this is a treat for genre fans of all ages.

Arrow, as per usual, comes with a quiver full of series as well. The first dropping on April 5th with Regional Horror. This series focuses on non-Hollywood filmmakers who decided to give it their best shots. Maybe they recruited some friends and family and hit the woods, maybe they decided to fly solo, regardless these regional horror entries break right through all the studio red tape and deliver unique and horrifying scares. Some titles include Regional Bloodshed and Dark August. They follow up just a week later on the 12th with Bad Magic. This series focuses on wands, wtiches and illusions and combines them with the horror and bloodshed genre fans crave. Say Alakazam and enjoy some films that really pull the rabbit out of the hat such as Wizard of Gore and The End of Man.

As the month wears on, we get a special guest on April 15th when independent filmmaker Don Coscarelli arrives for Don Coscarelli Selects. The mind behind titles such as Phantasm and The Beastmaster comes to Arrow to select some of his personal favorites and share them with his legions of cult fans. Titles include Basket Case and The Crazies. Then on April 19th, it's time to really get down in the muck. Sister Filth, the naughty nun, is back to take you down into the most deplorable of places that this streaming service dares to go. In Sick Filth Never Dies, viewers are exposed to a truly vile collection of corrupt and disgusting entries for a unique viewing experience. Titles include A Serbian Film and Behind Convent Walls.

Arrow April 24 Sick Filth
Arrow April - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow continues to celebrate a newfound American holiday on 4/20 with Blaze It. Kick your feet up and spark up with far-out 4/20 fun and enjoy a collection of titles carefully rolled up to represent this unique and whacky occurrence including titles like Reefer Madness and The Hooked Generation. Lastly, on the 26th of April, they turn their attention to the younger generation in a series about troubled teens, killer kids and chilling children with the aptly named The Kids Aren't Alright. Titles include Hell High and The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch.

It's yet another month of exciting and fresh offerings from Arrow. Darken up your bright and sunny spring with some twisted tales all across the genre and sink your teeth into a brand new round of exciting and spooky series.  Arrow offers a 30 day free trial before paying a 4.99 monthly price for all of this quality content!

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