Arrow in January: Cult classics and Coffin Joe

Arrow November - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow November - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow starts in the Wild West on January 5th with a relatively new but overlooked homage to spaghetti westerns of old. They Call It... Red Cemetery takes place in, you guessed it, an old cemetery teeming with crosses and gravestones of outlaws gone by. In this cemetery, two outlaws feud over honor, friendship and greed. This is a nostalgic trip you don't want to miss. Then, they turn right around on the 15th to dig up Coffin Joe. The cultural icon and insane lord of all carnival horror was the creation of Brazilian filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins who created him for and used him a variety of ways all throughout his career. Inside the Mind of Coffin Joe: Part One will take you through many of Marins most treasured and fantastical tales of horror and disgust including selections like the first Brazilian produced horror film At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, or the anthology horror starring Coffin Joe himself The Strange World of Coffin Joe. All of these films are masterfully restored and packed with extras for the audience to enjoy. Arrow also wants you to be on the lookout for part two. Then, on January 19th, Arrow takes us back to the land of roundhouse kicks when they present the last film that Sammo Hung created with his mentor director Huang Feng, The Shaolin Plot. Based on a story by Ni Kuang, this is an absolutely classic slice of martial arts action that combines new and old school to create one of the most underrated kung-fu classics from two legends.

Arrow November - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow, of course, isn't done there. They have a array of devious seasons throughout the month as well. They kick off the 2024 seasons with special guest and star of After Midnight and The Stylist, Brea Grant. Brea Grant Selects will feature some of her favorites and she is stoked to share them with the audience stating, "I am thrilled to be teaming up with Arrow to share some of my all-time favorite horror movies with you. From the delightful to the horrifying, these movies remind me of why I wanted to make movies in the first place (yes, including Basket Case)." On the 12th, we move into the Cult Classics. Arrow has always championed the old cult classics, tracking back for 20 years and now is no different. Cult classics are not just horror, they are the inventive and creative way of telling stories in a unique way paired with high-level filmmaking. It's about something that shifts your perspective or challenges you to think a certain way. With hard-hitting classics such as Hellraiser and Children of the Corn, this is an absolutory must watch. On the 19th, we get up close and personal with Arrow Podcast hosts Sam and Dan as they dissect some of the past, present, and future titles they love on Arrow, as well as even some of their more obscure recommendations and favorites. For all the latest buzz, and even some whacky guests, this is where horror fans can keep an ear to the ground. Lastly, the dogs are out this New Year in Canine Chaos. This group of furry and four-legged suggestions run the gamut from family pet to lycanthropes and everything in between. Loosen your collar and settle in for a bevy of titles such as The Pack and Madhouse.

The year has finally wound to an end but Arrow is always just getting started. Now is a great time to subscribe and appreciate a full years worth of wonderful titles, selections and seasons. Arow offers a 30 day free trial before paying a 4.99 monthly price for all of this quality content!