BET+ thriller The Deadly Getaway features a glamping trip gone terribly wrong

A romantic retreat turns deadly when an ex-boyfriend shows up with dark intentions in mind in this upcoming thriller releasing May 9.
The Deadly Getaway - BET+
The Deadly Getaway - BET+ /

One couple's romantic retreat takes an ugly turn when a deranged ex enters the picture and seemingly has murderous intentions in mind. The upcoming BET+ thriller The Deadly Getaway looks to be an entertaining and nail-biting film about glamping trip gone horribly wrong.

When Jacob (Jason Weaver) suggests a romantic stay at a place called Wolf Creek to celebrate their anniversary, Hope (Yandy Smith-Harris) is hesitant, especially when she hears that they can't bring their phones or any other technology to the secluded cabin in the woods. Sounds like "a white horror film," Hope hilariously quips in the trailer, and she'd be right given how many "cabin in the woods" settings we've seen end in bloodshed!

Premiering on May 9, BET+ has shared with us the official trailer for The Deadly Getaway, which you can watch right here:

Directed by Charles Jones with a script by Chad Quinn and Eric Dickens, this original movie stars andy Smith-Harris, Jason Weaver, Jeff Logan, and Princess Love.

While at Wolf Creek, Jacob and Hope realize that Hope's ex-boyfriend Derrick (Jeff Logan) has arrived with his new girlfriend Jada (Princess Love). Now a couples retreat, Derrick's arrival upsets Jacob's plans to propose to Hope and makes it clear that Derrick has more than Jada on his mind. As tensions rise, Derrick becomes increasingly inappropriate and Hope reveals a dark secret that he's been keeping from all of them.

BET+ has also shared the synopsis for the movie, which you can read below:

"Looking to celebrate their anniversary and break up the monotony of their very routine lives, Hope’s boyfriend, Jacob, convinces her to try out camping and books a weekend getaway to an Away Pod. Jacob plans to propose to his girlfriend of two years, but the arrival of Hope’s obsessive ex-boyfriend, Derrick, and his girlfriend, Jada, at the getaway complicates things. Tensions and jealousy mount as Derrick becomes inappropriate with his flirtations. Things get even worse when the owners of the Away Pod go missing and Hope discovers Derrick has a dark secret he’s keeping from them all. Wanted by the police for a botched robbery and murder, there’s nothing Derrick won’t do to protect his secret even if it means killing his precious Hope. Stranded in the woods with a target on their backs, Hope and Jacob become the hunted and must fight their way out of this nightmare if they want to stay alive."

A joint venture between BET and Tyler Perry Studios, BET+ is the preeminent streaming service for the Black audience, with exclusive originals and thousands of TV episodes and movies from the best Black creators. If you're a fan of previous BET+ titles then you won't want to miss out on The Deadly Getaway, sign up for BET+ right here.

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