Blumhouse announces 6 horror games coming soon

Among the titles is the highly-anticipated Grave Seasons, which is sort of like Stardew Valley with a twist.
Blumhouse Games Showcase Reveal Trailer
Blumhouse Games Showcase Reveal Trailer / GamersPrey

Summer Game Fest is finally here, and with it, the horror studio Blumhouse has announced a slew of exciting horror video game projects in development.

Blumhouse, the studio behind horror hits like M3GAN, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Happy Death Day, announced its plans to launch a video game division last year, and now we finally have an update on what to expect.

The company is partnering with independent developers in an effort to bring original stories to life for multiple platforms, such as mobile apps, consoles, and PCs. Blumhouse announced six games in development during Summer Game Fest 2024, and we have the scoop on them right here!

Fear the Spotlight

Blumhouse's first horror game is the atmospheric third-person survival game Fear the Spotlight, developed by Cozy Game Pals. Described as a love letter to classic '90s teen horror films, Fear the Spotlight follows teens Amy and Vivian as they participate in a séance after dark at a high school with a disturbing history. When the séance goes wrong, Amy and Vivian find themselves running from a monster and must solve puzzles while avoiding the spotlight at all costs.

Crisol: Theater of Idols

A first-person action-adventure title from Vermila Studios, Crisol: Theater of Idols boasts gorgeous graphics and an intriguing setting in a game that mixes Spanish folklore and history. You play as a protagonist whose blood is their only weapon, meaning every time you use your weapon, you'll be drawing from your own life force in a fight to stay alive and work through a twisted story.

Grave Seasons

Farming simulators reach new heights with Grave Seasons, a game that sounds like a mixture of Stardew Valley and the popular party game Werewolf. Every time you start a new game in the quaint town of Ashenridge, you'll soon learn that one of the townies is secretly a serial killer. You'll get to do many things familiar to this genre, like romance someone, fish, decorate, and more, but you'll also have to solve a murder mystery. Developed by Perfect Garbage.

The Simulation

Playmestudio is behind what sounds like a fascinating and terrifying meta game-within-a-game. A retired game designer is hired to investigate a mysterious, never-before-seen video game discovered at a crime scene.

Sleep Awake

Set in a distant future, Sleep Awake's story features a world where people are disappearing when they fall asleep, triggering mass hysteria as people desperately take part in increasingly experimental methods to try and stay awake. Katja must navigate otherworldly forces, cults, and more to protect herself and those who depend on her. From developer Eyes Out.

Code Name: Project C

There's not much information to share about this one just yet, as it's being described as "an ambitious game," but given it comes from the minds of Brandon Cronenberg, the guy who brought us Infinity Pool and Possessor, and Sam Barlow (IMMORTALITY, Her Story), there is a lot to be exciting about here. Described as developer Half Mermaid's "most twisted vision yet."

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