Boy Kills World ending explained: What happens to Boy and June 27?

In case you missed it, there's also a post-credits scene!
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Boy Kills World is a hyper-violent and over-the-top gory new action-thriller film from director Moritz Mohr starring genre vets Bill Skarsgard, Famke Janssen, Jessica Rothe, and more!

For those interested in untangling the ending of the movie or who still have questions about some of the film's plot twists, keep reading to check out our full explainer. SPOILERS ahead for the Boy Kills World ending.

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Boy learns that his entire life has been a lie

During the climactic final act of Boy Kills World, Boy discovers that everything he thought he knew up until that point has been a lie. Hilda Van Der Koy is his secretly his mother and the woman and little girl Boy thought she killed were mere illusions. In reality, Boy was the murderer as Hilda forced him to partake in the culling of the Shaman's family.

The Shaman initially intended to murder Boy and tried to kill him when he ran into the woods after pulling the trigger that killed the Shaman's wife and children. But instead of murdering Boy, the Shaman psychologically tortured him and warped his memories using a combination of various torture techniques (like cutting out his tongue and burning his ears with a fire poker) and drugs to brainwash Boy into believing he needed to take revenge against Hilda and all of the Van Der Koys for murdering his mom and sister, unaware that he's been a Van Der Koy all along.

Ultimately, while Hilda is initially pleased to see her son return, she soon realizes that he is not the same as once was and gives the order for June 27, who is later revealed to be Boy's sister Mina, still very much alive, to kill him. Mina refuses, murdering her mom instead.

The climactic final battle and the post-credit scene explained

Once the truth is revealed, Boy comes face-to-face with the Shaman as he's leaving Hilda's bunker with Mina in tow. A vicious fight ensues between the trio and ultimately Boy manages to kill the Shaman. With the rest of the Van Der Koys dead, he has successfully achieved his goal. Boy and Mina leave bunker together.

A final flashback shows a much younger and far more innocent Boy and Mina playing an arcade game that reveals, "Player 2 has entered the game." That phrase appears to have double meaning, as it implies that yes, Mina and Boy are reunited and will stay together as a family, but it could also hint at a potential sequel or spinoff that focuses on them as a duo now that Mina is officially in "the game."

There is an additional post-credits scene that confirms Boy and Mina survived the fight against the Shaman. It seemed clear they would survive, but considering how heavily injured both of them were, you never know. This stinger gives audience some clarity as the two are now together, eating their beloved Frosty Puffs cereal together.

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