Did (SPOILER) deserve to win season five of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula?

Dragula season five - courtesy Shudder
Dragula season five - courtesy Shudder /

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula just ended their fifth season by crowning a new “Super Monster”, and there are no doubt fans who applaud the win, while others are clutching their pearls in dismay.

**WARNING: The remainder of this article gives away spoilers for the fifth season of Dragula. If you are not caught up, we recommend watching the season before reading on.**

It was a thrilling season overall, with a more diverse cast than ever. Two drag kings were amongst the cast members, and Argentina, the UK and China were represented. The first contestant to be eliminated was brought back during the second episode. And once again, the Boulets decided that the finalists should number four rather than five (a solid choice, since the finalists were all so strong).

And what about those exterminations?? Jay Kay and Santanna bungee jumped from The Bridge to Nowhere, Anna Phylactic, Orkgotik and Santanna were tied to beds, covered with cheese, then rats were set loose upon them. And in a challenge that is destined to live on in infamy, Cynthia Doll and Orkgotik were subjected to high-voltage electrical shocks while navigating a laser maze. Cynthia’s agonized (and very dramatic) screams will go down in history.

The floor shows were better than ever, with The Trash Can Children, Neon Haunted House and the final challenge (create three separate looks based the Dragula tenants of filth, horror and glamour) being the most creative (in my own opinion).

In the end, it all came down to four contestants: Blackberri, Niohuru X, Orkgotik and Throb Zombie – all of whom absolutely deserved to be there at the end. But, as strong as all of the final floor shows and looks were, in the end, the Boulets awarded the Dragula crown to Niohuru X.

My own choice would have been Throb Zombie, because his looks and performances were always super creative and spot-on. His attention to the finest of details was positively amazing, and I also appreciated his candidness when interacting with the other contestants.

Boulet Brothers 2023 3
The Boulet Brothers' Dragula - Courtesy Shudder /

My second pick would be Orkgotik, because he was so different and original. Plus, the horror aspects of Orkgotik’s looks and visions were so strong.

Third for me was Niohuru, whose looks were all so elegant. I loved that, but I also noted that her choices were often not great – she was prone to choosing costume pieces that she couldn’t really walk in. But the one uber-masculine look she sported was great, and I was impressed that she managed to master the masculine stance with the help of Throb.

Blackberri absolutely deserved her spot among the finalists, but I felt like she didn’t show the same diversity of looks as the others.

But, the final choice always belongs to Dracmorda and Swanthula, and I’m not mad that they decided on Niohuru. I am sure we will see more of each of the finalists (and possibly those who didn’t make it that far as well – I’m looking at you, Cynthia Doll).

Now we can start looking forward to season six of Dragula, and a second season of Dragula: Titans!

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