Everything coming to Arrow in July 2024, including Loop Track and more

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is HOT! That air conditioning is spinning to keep the heat away. There is no better break than letting Arrow guide you down one of its many rabbit holes of violent and horrific fun. After a long day of boating and floating, everyone needs to cool down, so allow Arrow to show you its offerings for July.

Arrow starts out sizzling on July 8 with a brand new journey from writer-director Thomas Sainsbury. Most notable for some of his part work in Guns Akimbo and Wellington Paranormal.

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This time Sainsbury hops into the director's chair to explore a more thrilling and human story with Loop Track. In this film, he plays a highly anxious man going for a solo hike in the New Zealand bush to decompress. However, after running into other hikers, his dreams of peace and solitude are shattered.

As his anxiety peaks, he starts to believe there may be something else out in the bush, something far more horrifying than even the horror that lurks in his head. There is something out there, isn't there?

Then, on July 19, Arrow continues to focus on and highlight fresh new shorts on the festival and indie circuits. This month, they bring three brand new ones starting with Eric. This animal-driven horror follows Joshua who is finally getting to meet Eric, the beloved dog of the girl he's been dating, and when he does, there is something very strange about Eric.

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We then switch gears completely to I Know What You Need, based on the short story by Stephen King that takes place in the 1970s and follows a college co-ed who meets a very strange boy who claims to know what she needs. Then, we close out with Earworm, a bombastic film starring two knuckleheads battling a cassette tape-dwelling worm who wants to enter their heads.

Rounding out the month on July 22, Arrow will bring back more fan-favorite Nico Mastorakis' films, adding two of his classics. Ninja Academy is a wild karate comedy that follows a martial arts school filled with a variety of different personalities and starring Gerald Okamura (Big Trouble in Little China). Arrow also uncovers The Naked Truth. In this whacky film, two friends decide to pass as women in a local beauty pageant to hide from the mafia boss on their tail. A brilliant idea, until the boss becomes attracted to one of them, and things get dicey. You don't want to miss either of Mastorakis' romps of fun this month.

It simply wouldn't be an Arrow month without an entire slew of new series to roll out, and this month they have some topical and exciting choices.

We start on July 1 when a true Master of Horror steps in to hand-select some of his favorite and most devious selections with Mick Garris Selects. With titles like Ringu and Audition, this series can't be skipped.

"I was flattered to be asked by my friends at Arrow to recommend some of their titles that I particularly enjoy. The world of cult video is a deep and expansive one, and the Arrow catalogue is filled with gems, wonders of a cockeyed world of cinema that much of the world believes is of the gutter variety. But these movies are imaginative, propulsive, unafraid to travel where the mainstream might fear to tread," says Garris.

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Arrow turns it around on July 5 for some jet-setting horror in First Class Fear. Whether you're on a train, plane, or automobile, you are not safe. So buckle up, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, and enjoy some titles such as Hermit and Bloodstone.

Then on July 12, its time to squat down and be one with the Little Monsters. This series takes us on a tour de force of all things tiny and vicious, ready to cause havoc to everything around their tiny little selves. Giggle along as you watch Meat Friend and 100 Monsters.

Finally, we close out the month with two series. The first makes use of the incredibly talented and hilarious Thomas Sainsbury with Thomas Sainsbury Selects.

With hand-selected titles such as Eros + Massacre and Vengeance is Mine, these should be fascinating watches. We close out the month with a pertinent look into The Arrow Olympics. Have you ever tried to connect the summer games to horror? Well, Arrow did! Will you win these games or will you simply die? This gold-medal-winning gorefest features titles like Bad Acid and Why Don't You Just Die!.

Now is the time to sign-up for Arrow. The service offers a 30-day free trial before the $4.99 monthly price for all of this quality content!

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