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Abigail - Courtesy Universal Pictures
Abigail - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

If there's one thing I can never tire of, it's a good old-fashioned Universal monster movie. Luckily for us, Universal is back to making hair-raising feature films inspired by its classic monsters. The latest movie, coming in April, is a modernized vampire tale called Abigail. With talented creators and the promise of blood-soaked horror, Abigail is a movie that I just can't wait to see!

The movie follows Abigail, the daughter of a rich and powerful man, who is kidnapped by a group of criminals after her ballet recital. The criminals bring Abigail to an isolated mansion hide-out, prepared to wait for their ransom money to roll in. They soon discover that this is no normal little girl and that their lives may be brually ended by a blood-thirsty, horrifying vampire.

Abigail is co-directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett of Radio Silence. You may be familiar with these two from their past films like V/H/S, Ready or Not, and the two newest installments of the Scream franchise. There is no doubt that Radio Silence can make some bloody horror movies, but this seems to be top-tier, as the creators have said that Abigail is “definitely the most bloody” out of all their films.

Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin “Scream VI” Global Premiere / Jason Mendez/GettyImages

Abigail has a pretty small cast since the majority of the film takes place inside the mansion. Horror regular Kathryn Newton (Freaky and Lisa Frankenstein) and Scream lead Melissa Barrera star in Abigail. Alongside them are Giancarlo Esposito, Dan Stevens, Kevin Durand, Matthew Goode, William Catlett, and the late Angus Cloud. Young Abigail is played by Alisha Weir who recently starred in Matilda: The Musical.

Abigail will be releasing in theaters on April 19

Abigail is inspired by the 1936 film Dracula’s Daughter, which came out at the peak of Universal Studio’s monster movie craze. The film takes place after the murder of Count Dracula, whose body is mysteriously stolen and cremated. The titular character is a Hungarian Countess who comes to London after Dracula's death, leading to many dead Londoners. Obviously, the description of Abigail is nowhere near the plot of Dracula's Daughter, but hey, it's about a little girl who could be the daughter of Dracula. Either way, she's a vampire.

After the failure of Universal’s Dark Universe plan (thanks a lot Tom Cruise and The Mummy), the production company has made positive strides in the revival of their monster movies. Leigh Whannell set the bar high with The Invisible Man, and now Abigail is here to impress. Speaking of Whannell and the Monsterverse, his upcoming film Wolf Man is currently expected to be released in October of this year. I can't wait for the future of Universal monster movies, and you can bet I'll be in the movie theater for Abigail on April 19!

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