Evil recap, season 4 episode 6: Kristen gets seduced by another hot woman

Stella Everett as Isabella appearing in Evil episode 6, season 4, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+
Stella Everett as Isabella appearing in Evil episode 6, season 4, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

This week's episode of Evil was another great one, though rather disjointed. There are a lot of different storylines to juggle, and some of them feel chaotic at best and unnecessary at worst. Still, all in all, "How to Dance in Three Easy Steps" has one of my favorite recurring bits on the show, Kristen getting seduced by another hot woman (shoutout to Fenna from season 2).

I had to Google guest star Stella Everett (Isabella) after she dominated the screen in all of her scenes, and it turns out this is one of her first major roles. I hope to see her in a lot more in the future, particularly within the horror genre. She's fantastic. She and Katja Herbers have great chemistry.

But let's get to the case of the week, which involves a possible coven, dancing to death, and the return of those demonic sigils.

Kristen, Ben, and David are assigned to investigate a case involving a dance troupe after one of the dancers, Katherine, kills her children and then falls into a strange trance-like state where she cannot stop dancing. To the point they have to force feed her intravenously whenever she passes out. The priest watching over Katherine has a chilling reveal. The police found Katherine dancing in her children's blood.

She starts speaking in a creepy demonic voice after that. The trio agrees to an exorcism. Even though Kristen thinks it could be a psychological problem, she's deemed healthy enough to undergo an exorcism. But things don't go according to plan. Katherine flatlines on the table. The medical examiner is just as perplexed as everyone else at her sudden cardiac arrest.

Even more disturbing, they pull back the sheet to reveal Katherine's gangrenous feet. They weren't like that before. How could her body have broken down so quickly? Is it possible she killed herself along with her children, and whatever demon was possessing her was the only thing keeping her alive?

The group also notices one of those demonic sigils from the big sigil map scarring Katherine's flesh. According to David, that sigil represents a demonic house already vanquished several centuries ago. Why would it be reappearing now? Father Dominic is concerned that it's showing up again.

How To Dance in Three Easy Steps
Chukwudi Iwuji as Father Dominic appearing in Evil episode 6, season 4, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

Wanting to learn more about Katherine's background and connection to this strange dance troupe she was part of known as "The Movement," the trio visits them at their dance studio, where Kristen meets the mysterious Isabella. The choreographer is an absolute jerk, but Isabella seems like the real ringleader. She invites Kristen to see The Movement perform that night.

During the performance, David witnesses a woman clad all in white with a veil over her face, levitating in the middle of the stage. She floats into the audience and whispers something in David's ear. No one else sees her. Isabella visits David during confession and tells him that what he saw was a muse, one who wants to steer him away from God onto "something greater."

Next, their investigation guides them to another ex-member of The Movement. A woman named Megan posts a video online accusing the group of practicing satanism. When confronted, she goes even further, claiming Isabella and the others are witches who put a hex on Katherine, and now they're coming for her in retaliation for her speaking out. Megan shows them a creepy voodoo doll she received, supposedly from the troupe.

But when Kristen gets another invitation to see the girls dancing in the woods, she takes it. Meanwhile, Ben and David are contacted again by Megan, who claims the dancers attacked her and branded her with the same sigil that was on Katherine. She shows them the burned flesh on her stomach. Megan warns them that they're planning something else and performing in the forest. And yes, Kristen is already there, getting close to Isabelle. She, too, sees the "muse" this time, floating above them near a tree.

How To Dance in Three Easy Steps
L-R Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Stella Everett as Isabella appearing in Evil episode 6, season 4, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

David and Ben make for the woods and are surprised to find Kristen there. That's when Ben pulls out his phone to show her the photo of Megan's sigil and realizes something is off about it. Megan's sigil is upside down, like she branded herself. Further evidenced by the soot stain on her hand. Case closed, I guess.

We see Father Dominic and the other priests confront Megan, accusing her of being the real demon among them and the potential true killer of Katherine's children. They escort her away as she starts to scream in Latin. It seems like she possessed Katherine, made her kill her kids, then took Megan as a new host after letting Katherine die (or killing her?).

Beyond the main case this week, the storyline involving David and his possible psychic connection to the general holding an Ethiopian priest is further explored, though I have to admit I don't fully understand where this plot is going.

David's "connection" to the general ends with him possibly coercing the general into killing himself by stabbing him through the stomach with a machete he'd intended to use to torture his hostages. Father Dominic assures David that even if what he did is "murder" somehow via the psychic connection, it's God's will to prevent a greater sin.

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Odds & Ends

  • Sheryl finds out that Leland tried to coerce Andy into killing one of her granddaughters. She might not care much about her daughter, but Sheryl flips out when she thinks one of her grandkids is in danger. She goes ballistic at Leland's house, tearing everything apart. When he finally comes home, he finds her waiting for him with a knife.
  • Dr. Kurt Boggs seeks an objective opinion on his book, and he's not happy with the result. The guy he hires eviscerates him and says he has no plot. But then Kristen's daughters create a twisted story of their own that's based on Boggs' to tell Timothy a bedtime story while staying with Sheryl. They post it online and give Boggs the credit, which makes him a trending topic.