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Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir and Mike Colter as David Acosta in Evil episode 10, season 3 streaming on Paramount+, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+
Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir and Mike Colter as David Acosta in Evil episode 10, season 3 streaming on Paramount+, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

It has been almost two years since we found out the big Evil bombshell regarding (SPOILER!) Leland and his procurement of Kristen's missing RSM Fertility egg. In just a couple of days, we'll finally get to see what will happen to characters like Kristen Bouchard, David Acosta, and Ben Shakir when Evil season 4 premieres on Paramount+.

The streaming service previously revealed that Evil season 4 would return on Thursday, May 23. Unfortunately, the fourth season will also be the last. But the good news is that the streamer added four additional episodes, so the cast and crew will get to give fans a conclusive ending.

How to Split an Atom
L-R Brooklyn Shuck as Lynn Bouchard and Andrea Martin as Sister Andrea appearing in Evil episode 1, season 4, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

Evil season 4 episode release schedule

As mentioned above, Evil season 4 kicks off on May 23, with one episode airing each week until the series finale on August 22. To watch, you have to subscribe to Paramount+, with new episodes dropping at approximately 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET.

  • Episode 1, "How to Split an Atom" - May 23
  • Episode 2, "How to Train a Werewolf" - May 30
  • Episode 3, TBA - June 6
  • Episode 4, "How to Grieve" - June 13
  • Episode 5, "How To Fly an Airplane" - June 20
  • Episode 6, "How To Dance in Three Easy Steps" - June 27
  • Episode 7, TBA - July 4
  • Episode 8, TBA - July 11
  • Episode 9, "How To Teach a ChatBot" - July 18
  • Episode 10, TBA - July 25
  • Episode 11, TBA - August 1
  • Episode 12, TBA - August 8
  • Episode 13, TBA - August 15
  • Episode 14, TBA - August 22

Make sure you have your Paramount+ subscription all set up to ensure you can start watching the fourth season of Evil as soon as it becomes available!

  1. Start by going to the Paramount+ homepage and signing up for a new account
  2. Select the plan that best suits you and your financial needs.
  3. Enter your chosen payment method.
  4. Begin watching your favorite Paramount+ titles!



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Where does Evil season 4 pick up?

When we last left off with Kristen, Ben, and David, things were messier than ever. Kristen is in the worst situation by far, as Leland has taken her egg and implanted it into a surrogate, hoping to birth the Antichrist. Elsewhere, David sees his visiting angel once again.

Then there are characters like Kurt and Andy, who are currently experiencing unprecedented demonic hallucinations (or maybe it's the real deal). Kurt has gone full-tilt into demon worship to write his book, while Andy gets to return home after being held in captivity by Leland and Sheryl, but he's still very much under their influence.

Season 4 will see David working for the Vatican on a top-secret case while Kristen grapples with her daughter wanting to be a nun and Leland paving the way for the Antichrist. We'll also see the fallout regarding her and her mother, Sheryl, who Kristen learns has been working with Leland all along and knew about her egg. As for Ben, he gets struck with an ion beam in the season 4 premiere and starts experiencing strange visions of a taunting jinn.

While you need Paramount+ to watch the latest season of Evil, you can revisit the first three seasons at any time on Prime Video or Netflix.

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