Exclusive clip from sci-fi thriller Latency shows the perils of mind-powered AI

Latency - Cr: Lionsgate
Latency - Cr: Lionsgate /

Gamers beware: this new sci-fi thriller from Lionsgate might scare you off of your favorite hobby for a bit. Latency, from director James Croke, follows an agoraphobic gamer who tests out a high-tech piece of gaming equipment that allows the AI interface to interfere with her mind and scan its electrical activity for a more heightened experience.

Anna star Sasha Luss leads the cast of this film alongside Alexis Ren (The Enforcer). It's a fast-paced, slick, and claustrophobic little movie that will keep you teetering on the edge of your seat and might just have you side-eying your PC gaming setup when you're done.

With Latency arriving in theaters this Friday, June 14, we've been given an exclusive ship to show you! The clip below shows Hana and Jen experimenting with the gaming equipment when Hana suddenly sees something terrifying on her monitor.

As you can see, the film will show how Hana's subconscious and stability are genuinely tested as she starts to wonder whether the sophisticated technology has a sinister agenda. She'll begin to see her reality blur with her game world as nightmarish visions come to life.

The new film is a terrifying and haunting look into the world of science fiction horror as it centers on a video game that can literally interfere with your mind.

Don't miss Latency, playing in select theaters this Friday, June 14.

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