Fall sequel nabs Jigsaw directors Michael and Peter Spierig

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We now know who will be helming the sequel to the box office hit Fall, and it's none other than the Spierig Brothers, Peter and Michael Spierig. The creative twin-brother duo is best known for previously directing the horror film Jigsaw and the supernatural horror flick Winchester. They haven't directed any new films since 2018, so it'll be interesting to see what they do with Fall 2.

We first learned of a Fall 2 back in March 2023 when it was announced that a sequel was in the works after the first film performed well on Netflix internationally. Then, in October 2023, it was announced that not only would there be one sequel but a second one as well, officially making it a film franchise.

Scott Mann, who directed and co-wrote the first film, returns to produce and co-write the script for Fall 2 with Jonathan Frank. In addition, Mark Lane, James Harris, Christian Mercuri, and David Haring are also producers on the film, while Dan Asma, John Long, and Roman Viaris are executive producers. Capstone finances the sequel with Capstone Global handling worldwide rights.

Unfortunately, there have been no casting announcements so far, which is weird since the cameras are set to start rolling on the movie this June. As of May 16, we're only a month away from production starting. However, what we do know is that the sequel will bring back some of the characters from the first film as well as introduce new characters.

Plot details about the survival thriller are also being kept under wraps at the moment. The first film centered around two best friends (Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner) who decide to climb a 2,000-foot-tall television broadcasting tower only to end up stranded at the top with limited resources. In Fall 2, we'll likely see characters climbing another tall building/tower just to end up stuck with no way down. This is just our thoughts, though. The movie could turn out entirely different. Once information about the movie's plot is revealed, we'll be sure to share what we found right away.

Here's what the Spierig Brothers had to say about signing on to direct Fall 2 via Variety:

"We’re extremely excited to helm the second installment of this franchise and bring to life another nail biting, vertigo inducing thrill ride."

Peter and Michael Spierig

Also, Mann only had positive things to say about the Spierig Brothers taking over directing duties.

"I am so proud to hand over the reins to the Spierigs, two highly respected genre directors whose addition will undoubtedly make this follow-up even more of a must-see experience than we already knew it would be."

Scott Mann

That's everything to know about Fall 2 for right now. As more information comes out about the sequel, we'll be sure to return to this space to update you. So, stay tuned to 1428 Elm!

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