First wave of films announced for seventh year of the Unnamed Footage Festival

Unnamed Footage Festival - Courtesy Unnamed FF
Unnamed Footage Festival - Courtesy Unnamed FF /

The 2024 Unnamed Footage Festival has announced their first wave of films to be shown during their seventh year. Unnamed Footage Festival honors found footage horror, faux documentaries and first person POV films – films that often can’t be seen elsewhere.

UFF7 will run for four days at the ATA, 4 Star and Balboa theaters in San Francisco, following two nights of pre-festival events. One of those events will be a 10th anniversary screening of As Above So Below at the New Mission Alamo Drafthouse. There will also be a badgeholder-only event and mixer prior to the official start of the festival.

The Recalibration party happens on opening night, which is Thursday, March 28.

The first wave of film announcements includes the following:

Horror in the High Desert 3: Firewatch – This will be the first theatrical screening for the second sequel to cult fave Horror in the High Desert. “Always remember that just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you.”

Horror in the High Desert 3
Horror in the High Desert 3 - Courtesy Unnamed Footage Festival /

Frogman – While on vacation with his family, young Dallas sees “the Loveland Frogman”, and takes video footage. While people make fun of him and accuse him of faking the footage, Dallas grows up and decides to find the Frogman and film him yet again. A Q & A session will follow the screening of Frogman.

Flesh Games – A group of wanna be stuntmen are on a quest to be the next Jackass…only trouble is, they just aren’t any good at the stunts they attempt. As they become more desperate for success, their stunts become more dangerous.

Looky-Loo – “An aspiring filmmaker obsessively captures footage everywhere he goes, but his hobby takes a dark turn.” As the filmmaker amps up his crimes, viewers are put in the uncomfortable position of feeling like voyeurs.

#Blue_Whale – When Dana’s little sister unexpectedly steps in front of a train, Dana is obsessed with finding out why. As she digs into her sister’s online activities, she finds a social media game called #Blue_Whale. Is this what ended the girl’s life?

Do Not Watch – An editor is working on a documentary film that investigates the disappearance of a production crew. As we start to hear about the mystery, we are taken through three different timelines: the documentary, old VHS footage and some missing person cases.

MIND BODY SPIRIT still 2 Unnamed Footage Festival
Mind Body spirit - Courtesy Unnamed Footage Festival /

Mind Body Spirit – Anya is a yoga influencer who starts to look into her family history after her estranged grandmother dies. But, as she digs into the past, she begins to change (as do her yoga videos and her relationships with the people in her life).

Livescreamers – A contest winner and a group of video game enthusiasts are enticed to play a video game that turns out to be haunted. If you fall victim to the traps and enemies within the game, you don’t just die virtually…you die in reality as well. This is a sequel to Livescream.

That’s it for now, but more film and event announcements will be coming up closer to the festival dates. You can get your badges now by visiting FilmFreeway.