FROM season 3 officially coming this fall: Check out the brand new teaser

MGM+ provides chilling first look at From season 3 as part of their Halfway to Halloween celebration.
From season 2 - Chris Reardon/MGM+
From season 2 - Chris Reardon/MGM+ /

Exciting news ahead for fans of From, the dark mystery series from the executive producers of Lost that has aired for two seasons now on MGM+. Well, From-ily, we finally have some new scoop on the upcoming third season!

I've been told that From season 3 will be "balls to the wall" wild and the first official teaser from MGM+ seems to prove that's true! In honor of the streamer's "Halfway to Halloween" celebration, they've shared with us a first-look video at the new season, which will be released this fall!

Watch the teaser below:

When we left off with the characters of Fromville in season 2, things had taken an explosive and dramatic turn, most notably with Tabitha potentially escaping the town and landing back in the real world after getting pushed out of the lighthouse by the ghostly boy dressed in white. She wakes up in a hospital that appears to be outside of From and now she's separated from her family which is a totally different kind of terror.

The little teaser above seems to suggest that the town is going to get some dangerous new faces who try to take control of things and it ends with a horrifying scene featuring Harold Perrineau's Boyd tied in a chair as he watches someone get tortured (?) off-screen. There's also a glimpse of that creepy ventriloquist puppet from the tunnels.

Fall cannot come soon enough!

Premiering in 2022, From follows the inhabitants of a nightmarish town that traps anyone who enters. In the second season, we saw just how far the residents would go to solve the town's many mysteries and attempt to escape. Apart from Perrineau, the series also stars Catalina Sandino, Eion Bailey, Hannah Cheramy, Simon Webster, Ricky He, Scott McCord, Nathan D. Simmons, Kaelen Ohm, AJ Simmons, and more.

FROM seasons 1 and 2 are available to watch on the MGM+ app, anywhere you access MGM+ and on Prime Video.

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