It will be a while before Boy Kills World streams (but it should be on VOD soon)

Expect the film to stream on Starz sometime this year.
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Moritz Mohr's violent action thriller starring Pennywise himself Bill Skarsgard is currently playing in theaters but those waiting to watch the movie at home will probably be doing so for several months. Distributed by Lionsgate, we don't expect Boy Kills World to be released on streaming for at least six months, though it will be available on demand much earlier than that for those who don't mind paying extra to watch it.

Skarsgard plays a deaf and mute assassin known only as "Boy" trained for one purpose and one purpose only, to exact revenge on the evil family that killed his mom and sister during the annual "culling," a dystopian and horrific event that sees the totalitarian Van Der Koys round up citizens each year purported to be an enemy of leader Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen) and kill them.

Apart from Skarsgard and Janssen, the film also stars Jessica Rothe, Bret Gelman, Michelle Dockery, Isaiah Mustafa, Sharlto Copley, and Andrew Koji.

Boy Kills World will likely stream on Starz later this year

On the streaming front, we expect this slick, R-rated film to come to Starz after about six months, meaning it should land on the streaming service by September or October of 2024. That's how long it took The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes to transition from theaters to streaming.

The latest Hunger Games movie released in theaters in November 2023 and will arrive on Starz in May 2024. If Boy Kills World follows a similar trajectory, it will likely come to Starz in the fall. However, it's possible that the film could come to Starz earlier (or later) based on its theatrical performance. Currently, the film is underperforming so it might stream earlier because of that.

After Starz, Lionsgate sends its movies to stream free on the Roku Channel as part of an exclusive, multi-year streaming deal they agreed upon in 2022.

Boy Kills World will get a digital release date sooner than streaming

As is the case with basically all theatrical debuts these days, Boy Kills World will get a digital release date long before it goes to Starz, meaning we can expect the movie to be watchable at home probably sometime in May. Usually, movies start out around $19.99 when they first release in digital retailers like Amazon and Apple, but if you wait a few more months, you'll be able to rent it for a more reasonable price.

Lionsgate hasn't shared the digital release date for Boy Kills World yet, but we'll update you when they do. For now, the only way to see the film is in theaters.

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