Jason Blum promises Blumhouse movie fans that '2025 is gonna be epic'

After a somewhat quiet 2024, Jason Blum has promised fans that 2025 will be epic for Blumhouse with several amazing projects coming to theaters!
"Imaginary" Los Angeles Premiere At The Grove
"Imaginary" Los Angeles Premiere At The Grove / Jon Kopaloff/GettyImages

2024 has been a pretty solid year for Blumhouse movies, but 2025 is shaping up to be even bigger thanks to a slate featuring sequels to several hit franchises sure to break big at the box office! 

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Blumhouse founder and CEO Jason Blum gave fans a tease of what projects are currently being worked on over at the studio as part of the studio’s 2025 slate – a slate full of highly anticipated projects that are sure to get fans excited! 

“Hey all. We are working on another M3GAN and Black Phone and FNAF and Insidious all for next year,” Blum teased before telling fans to, “Buckle up. ‘25 is gonna be epic.” 

Now, none of these projects are exactly a surprise as they had all previously been announced, but either way, it goes without saying that 2025 is definitely going to be an insane year for Blumhouse movie fans with M3GAN, The Black Phone, and Five Nights at Freddy’s sequels all coming as well as a sixth Insidious film. It’ll also mark a major return for the studio after a quieter 2024 stemming from 2023’s prolonged writers’ and actors’ strikes.

2024’s focus has been on original titles with Night Swim and Imaginary having already opened to moderate success, and They Listen and Speak No Evil still in the pipeline to release this year. The four films have drummed up some solid buzz, but there is no denying that the 2025 slate features a group of films that are sure to drum up a lot of conversation as fans have been eagerly waiting for the follow-up projects which have the potential to perform even better at the box office than their predecessors. 

What is interesting is that Blum did not include a mention of several other Blumhouse movies previously announced for 2025 which include Leigh Whannell’s The Wolf Man reboot as well as original movies The Woman in the Yard and Drop from Jaume Collet-Serra and Christopher Landon, respectively. 

For those keeping count, that means we should be expecting at least seven new Blumhouse films across 2025 and there’s no telling if another release could sneak into the mix as well. So yeah, 2025 is definitely going to be epic and fans should indeed buckle up for what promises to be an amazing year of releases from the studio.

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