Jeffrey Reddick to give a 'chilling' new take on urban legend Bloody Mary with Bloody Mary: Origins

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We've just learned of a new horror movie confirmed to be in the works, and it's called Bloody Mary: Origins. Not much is known about this film at the moment, but we shared what's been revealed so far below.

It's always a good day when there's an announcement about a new horror movie being made. Bloody Mary: Origins is said to be a new take on the classic urban legend of Bloody Mary. In the realm of horror, Bloody Mary refers to a legendary spirit believed to appear in mirrors when her name is repeatedly chanted. She's often depicted as a woman with a bloody and disfigured face. When summoned, there could be dire consequences for the summoner, such as the possibility of being cursed, physically harmed, or worse, by the evil spirit.

With Bloody Mary: Origins, Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick teams up with film producer Todd Slater (How the Gringo Stole Christmas) to make it. It's a movie coming from Slater’s Convoke Media, Vast Entertainment, and DreamPunk Entertainment, and it's based on the New York Times bestselling novel Mary: The Summoning by Hillary Monahan.

The story follows a group of teenage girls who decide to perform the ritual to summon Bloody Mary. But when the malevolent spirit pulls one of the girls through the mirror, she becomes trapped in the past, living out the real Mary Worth’s last days. Now, the rest of the teen girls must quickly find a way to save their friend in the past before it's too late while also trying to figure out a way to defeat Bloody Mary in the present. Casting for this movie is now underway.

Multi-award-winning producer and director Lane Shefter Bishop (The Venice Murders, The DUFF) is signed on to direct and produce through her Vast Entertainment production company. In addition, Reddick co-wrote the script with the late John Stancari. Slater produces through his Convoke Media banner, along with DreamPunk Entertainment’s Ryan Martin and Angela Ziegler, and Brandon Evans executive produces through his and Slater’s Brick Lane Entertainment.

In a statement on the project provided by Deadline, Slater expresses his excitement about making the film.

"The script brings Reddick’s signature blend of suspense, humor and horror to a completely new take on the urban legend my friends and I used to play as kids. Much like “Final Destination” created a theatrical franchise that generations have enjoyed, our goal is for “Bloody Mary” to generate ongoing films with the same impressive longevity."

Todd Slater

That's all we know about Bloody Mary: Origins for now. Stay tuned to 1428 Elm because we'll be sharing more details about this film as they are released.

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