Killer spider movie Sting sets digital release date for May (and DVD release for July)

You'll be able to watch Sting at home later this month and you can pre-order the DVD now!
STING - Courtesy of Well Go Entertainment
STING - Courtesy of Well Go Entertainment /

This year is shaping up to be a fun one for fans of creature features with the release of movies like Sting and Infested. Infested is already available on Shudder, but many have been eagerly waiting to watch Sting at home after the film only received a limited theatrical release.

Good news for anyone eager to see this terrifying spider flick, it will be available to rent or buy on Tuesday, May 14! You can go ahead and pre-order your digital copy now through Apple or Fandango at Home, but it is expected to come to additional online retailers like Amazon on May 14.

Unless you are dying to see Sting, though, I suggest waiting a couple more months because the initial price is steep at $19.99. That's fine if you want to own the film, but if you're only interested in renting, wait for the rental price to drop significantly in the future.

Physical media enthusiasts, you'll be pleased to learn that Sting also has a DVD release date set for July 9, 2024. Currently, the price is set at $19.49 on Amazon. You can pre-order your copy here. There is no word yet on whether there will be a Blu-ray edition, but it seems unlikely as Well Go Entertainment doesn't usually release Blu-rays.

STING - Courtesy of Well Go Entertainment /

What is Sting about and is it worth watching?

It's hard not to talk about Sting without comparing it to Infested because they're both movies about killer spiders terrorizing people in an apartment complex. The main difference is that in Sting, there's only one spider, and it's a massive one, whereas in Infested, there are hundreds of them of all different sizes. You can read my full review of Sting here.

I think Infested is the better of the two, but Sting is still fun, especially for those who enjoy silly B-movies. There are some really grotesque moments in Sting, and the spider looks suitably terrifying despite the lower budget. Arachnophobes will undoubtedly be spooked regardless, if only because the central conceit of picking up a spider, feeding it, and watching it grow rapidly is so terrifying.

For now, Sting is still playing in select theaters ahead of its digital and physical release.

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