Malignant, Dead Silence, and 100+ more horror movies streaming free on Tubi in June 2024

Over 100 horror movies will be streaming free on Tubi this June.
ANNABELLE WALLIS as Madison in New Line Cinema, Starlight Media Inc. and My Entertainment Inc.’s original horror thriller MALIGNANT, an Atomic Monster production, a Warner Bros Pictures release. Photo Credit: Ron Batzdorff
ANNABELLE WALLIS as Madison in New Line Cinema, Starlight Media Inc. and My Entertainment Inc.’s original horror thriller MALIGNANT, an Atomic Monster production, a Warner Bros Pictures release. Photo Credit: Ron Batzdorff /

What happens when several intrepid explorers travel into a cavern? The beloved 2005 horror film The Descent will debut on Tubi in June 2024, along with more than 100 other horror movies!

Fans can choose from dozens of contemporary and classic horror films on the free streaming service, including other hit titles like Malignant, Dead Silence, and more.

*Unless otherwise noted, all of the titles listed below are coming to Tubi on June 1.

Malignant (2021)

The less you know going into this 2021 film from director James Wan and writer Akela Cooper, the better. Malignant is a wild ride from start to finish, starring Annabelle Wallis as a woman paralyzed by horrifying dreams and waking visions.

Dead Silence (2007)

Another collaboration between Saw director and writer James Wan and Leigh Whannell, Dead Silence is a terrifying and underrated supernatural horror film starring True Blood's Ryan Kwanten as a widower who returns to his hometown to investigate his wife's murder. There, he discovers a horrific legend linked to a murdered ventriloquist and a very disturbing doll.

The Descent (2005)

This claustrophobic thriller follows a group of women on a caving expedition that goes horribly wrong. Many people credit The Descent as one of the scariest movies of all time, especially if you're like me and are afraid of small spaces. The sequel, The Descent Part 2, will also be added.

Interview with the Vampire (1994)

With the current (and excellent) AMC television adaptation of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles now airing its second season, now is the ideal time to revisit this 1994 film, if only to see Tom Cruise's flamboyant version of Lestat and one of Kristen Dunst's earliest film roles.

Curse of the Demon (1957)

Also known as Night of the Demon (the British title), this 1957 classic about an American psychologist investigating a satanic cult is great for fans of folk horror. With a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, Curse of the Demon is considered one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and definitely worth a watch.

Ratter (2015)

There's a good chance you might have missed this underrated 2015 flick starring Ashley Benson. If you enjoy screenlife movies like Unfriended and Missing, I recommend giving Ratter a chance. It's technically a found-footage horror movie, but it focuses on the paranoia-inducing thought of someone spying on you via your private cameras.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021)

Fans of analog horror need to add Broadcast Signal Intrusion to the top of their watchlists. It would make an excellent double feature with the 2021 film Censor.

Starring Harry Shum Jr., Broadcast Signal Intrusion takes place in the late 1990s and follows a video archivist who becomes obsessed with a series of pirate broadcasts. Director Jacob Gentry revealed some real-life inspirations for the film, including the mysterious Max Headroom hijacking from 1987 and various creepypastas.

More horror on Tubi this June

  • Mirrors (2008)
  • Alien vs. Predator
  • Alien vs. Predator - Requiem
  • Frozen (2010)
  • Repulsion (1965)
  • Deep Rising (1998)
  • The Fog (2005)
  • Maximum Overdrive
  • Leprechaun
  • Leprechaun II
  • Leprechaun III
  • Leprechaun 4: Lost in Space
  • Leprechaun V: In the Hood
  • Leprechaun: Origins
  • Leprechaun VI: Back 2 Tha Hood
  • 976-Evil
  • Screamers: The Hunting
  • Frankenfish
  • Baghead (2008)
  • Vampires: Los Muertos
  • Hideaway (1995)
  • Closure (2007)
  • Vacancy 2: The First Cut
  • Strait-Jacket
  • The Forsaken
  • Boogeyman 2
  • The Blob (1958)
  • Screamers
  • Nightbreed: Director's Cut
  • Wind Chill (2007)
  • The Vatican Tapes
  • Zombie Strippers (Special Edition)
  • Outpost (2008)
  • Detention (2012)
  • Black Water
  • Mary Reilly
  • Scream of Fear
  • Death Tunnel
  • The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
  • Amityville: The Awakening
  • Amityville II: The Possession
  • The Amityville Uprising
  • Amityville Moon
  • Amityville Backpack
  • The Amityville Harvest
  • Into the Abyss (2022)
  • Black Noon
  • #FollowFriday
  • Devour (2005)
  • Gabriel (2007)
  • Anatomy (2000)
  • Anatomy 2
  • The Damned
  • Torture Garden
  • The Devil's Chair
  • Red Sands
  • Mr. Sardonicus
  • The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
  • The Son of Dr. Jekyll
  • The Marsh (2007)
  • The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
  • The Bride (1985)
  • Dark Country
  • The Plague
  • The Cottage
  • The Creeping Flesh
  • Boa vs. Python
  • The New Kids
  • The Giant Claw
  • The Breed
  • Mindwarp
  • Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes
  • Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud
  • Missing 411: The Hunted
  • The Mad Magician
  • Nightwing (1979)
  • 4-D Man
  • Red: Werewolf Hunter
  • Vampire Bats
  • Ring Around the Rosie
  • Sick Nurses
  • Creatures the World Forgot
  • Bats: Human Harvest
  • 23:59
  • Ghost Storm
  • Witchslayer Gretl
  • On the 3rd Day
  • Crabs!
  • Severed Ties
  • Maniac (1963)
  • Vampires: The Turning
  • The Brotherhood of Satan
  • The Werewolf (1956)
  • Ligeia
  • The Return of the Vampire
  • Children of the Night
  • Aladdin and the Death Lamp
  • The Mad Room
  • The Cat Creature
  • Island of the Dolls
  • The Old Dark House
  • April Fool's Day (2008)
  • Retreat (2011)
  • Brainscan (1994)
  • Happy Birthday to Me
  • Magic Magic
  • Immanence - June 2
  • Shrooms (2007) - June 7
  • Clickbait: Unfollowed - June 7
  • Hanky Panky - June 14
  • Phobias - June 18
  • The Skinwalkers: American Werewolves - June 18
  • The Canyon (2009) - June 21
  • The Seventh Day - June 25
  • Make Out with Violence - June 25
  • Muoi: The Curse Returns - June 25
  • A Stranger in the Woods - June 25
  • Killing Ariel - June 25
  • Black Death (2011) - June 27
  • The ABC's of Death - June 28
  • Witch (2024) - June 29

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