7 disturbing Thai horror movies that will rattle your mind

Shutter (2004) Trailer Remastered HD
Shutter (2004) Trailer Remastered HD / CARLOS APOLO - TRAILERS GEEK

Horror fans, we have more movie recommendations! Hopefully, you have already made your way through our list of scary Japanese horror films because we're about to share a list of seven disturbing Thai horror flicks that'll scare you senseless.

Shutter (2004)

Shutter follows a young photographer named Tun, who after hitting a woman with his car, begins to see strange, ghostly images appearing in his photographs. As he delves deeper into the mystery, he discovers that he's being haunted by a vengeful spirit seeking revenge for a past wrongdoing. Ananda Everingham stars in the leading role of Tun, with Natthaweeranuch Thongmee and Achita Sikamana joining him in the cast. You can watch this movie for free with ads on Vudu.

Death Whisperer (2023)

Death Whisperer centers around a family of farmers who fall victim to a strange occurrence affecting their village. When a malevolent spirit possesses one of the daughters in the family, it's up to her older brother to save her from being completely consumed by evil. The cast is made up of Nadech Kugimiya, Rattanawadee Wongthong, Denise Jelilcha Kapaun, Peerakit Patcharabunyakiat, Kajbundit Jaidee, and Arisara Wongchalee. This film is available to watch on Netflix.

The Medium (2021)

The Medium tells the story of a shaman who initially believes that her niece has become the next host for a local goddess, only to find out that she's been possessed by numerous evil spirits. Narilya Gulmongkolpechm Sawanee Utoomma, Sirani Yankittikan, and Yasaka Chaisorn star in this supernatural folk horror film. You can watch this movie on Shudder.

Inhuman Kiss (2019)

Another Thai horror movie we recommend checking out is Inhuman Kiss, also known as Krasue: Inhuman Kiss. It revolves around an innocent teen girl named Sai, who inherits a curse that causes her head to detach from her body at night to hunt for human flesh and blood. She finds herself having to battle the bloodthirsty demon inside of her while also confronting the prejudices and fears of the villagers who hunt her down.

Talented Thai actors such as Phantira Pipityakorn, Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang, Sapol Assawamunkong, and Surasak Wongthai star in this supernatural horror flick. Unfortunately, this film is not available to stream anywhere at the moment.

The Maid (2020)

The Maid follows Joy, a young woman who begins working as a maid for a wealthy family. She is hired to replace the previous maid, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But soon after starting her job, Joy begins to experience strange and unsettling events in the house. She eventually discovers that the previous maid met a tragic fate, and now she's a vengeful spirit haunting the mansion and terrorizing the family.

The cast includes Ploy Sornarin, Kannaporn Puangtong, Savika Chaiyadej, Teerapat Sajakul, Chi Wah Wong, Ratchanok Suwannaket, and others. You can watch this movie on Tubi for free.

Coming soon (2008)

Coming Soon follows a young projectionist who begins to experience strange and terrifying events after discovering disturbing footage of a woman being tortured and killed in a movie theater. He finds out that the footage is cursed and that anyone who watches the film is doomed to suffer the same fate as the characters. But will he find a way to break the curse before it's too late? Vorakan Rojchanawat, Sakulrath Thomas, Chantavit Dhanasevi, and Oraphan Arjsamat are all in this horror film. It's available to rent or purchase through Apple TV.

Ladda Land (2011)

Ladda Land revolves around a family's move into a new home in a posh housing development called Ladda Land. But soon after moving in, they begin to experience terrifying supernatural events that ultimately take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. After discovering that the house is haunted by the spirits of the victims who were brutally murdered there in the past, the family finds themselves having to confront these supernatural forces in order to survive.

Saharat Sangkapreecha, Piyathida Woramusik, Atipich Chutiwatkajornchai, and Sutatta Udomsilp star in this Thai horror movie that can be streamed on Tubi for free.

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