Mother's Day horror, monster movies and more films coming to Shudder this week

Mother's Day Official Trailer #1 - Rebecca De Mornay Horror Movie (2011) HD
Mother's Day Official Trailer #1 - Rebecca De Mornay Horror Movie (2011) HD / Rotten Tomatoes Trailers

Shudder is rolling out more new content this week, including a few “mom-themed” films in honor of Mother’s Day (which is May 12). Let’s take a look at what the horror streaming platform is bringing us during the week of May 6 through May 12.

May 6:

Mother, May I?  

Emmett was abandoned by his mother when he was just a child, and hopes that clearing out her home and selling it after her death will erase the trauma he was left with. But while he and his fiancée Anya are working on the house, she begins acting like dear old Mom. Has Emmett’s mother managed to possess Anya?


Jamie and her wife Alex are having problems, and decide that a trip to the wilderness via canoe might help. After an accident leaves them stranded (and Alex injured), they manage to make their way to a small town that happens to be overrun by zombies. Soon, they are questioning if the zombies are a better bet than the militia group trying to conquer them.


An underwater volcano releases a giant creature in the Atlantic ocean. When a group of sailors manage to capture the monster, they make the decision to sell it to a circus in London…something that doesn’t set well with the creature’s mother.

The Last drive-In logo
The Last Drive-In - Courtesy Shudder /

The Giant Gila Monster

When some teens disappear from their tiny hometown in Texas, the sheriff thinks they ran away. But after their bodies are found in a creek, the sheriff and another teenager work together to hunt down the giant lizard-like creature that is actually responsible for the deaths.

The Stone Tape

This 1972 British film was written for television. A group of scientists set up shop in an old renovated Victorian mansion that is reputed to be haunted. Working under a theory that the stones of the mansion can actually record traumatic events, they soon encounter a ghost.

May 8:

Mother’s Day

When three young women go on a camping trip, they don’t plan on being kidnapped, tortured and sexually assaulted by a couple of backwoods brothers and their sadistic mother. ** Mother’s Day was previously featured on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, and that episode will also be available.

May 10:

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

One of Shudder's best series continues its sixth season, with a new episode available every other Friday. The new season follows a different format than prior seasons, with only one film being featured per episode, but special guests and the banter between Joe Bob, Darcy and the crew still keeps viewers entertained.

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