Netflix's shark movie Under Paris has an absolutely bonkers ending

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Netflix's new French shark attack film Under Paris from director Xavier Gens is a surprisingly competent and fun creature feature with a genuinely wild third act and a crazy ending. Plus, the film involves an evil mayor who could give the one from Jaws a run for his money. Spoilers ahead as we dig into what happens at the end of Under Paris.

One of the most intriguing things about this movie is its cynical and bleak take on the current state of the world. The thrust of this movie is that humans have ruined the environment via pollution, which is accurate, and caused the super Mako shark Lilith to mutate and size.

She can now reproduce without a male through parthenogenesis, so she has dozens of mini-evil shark babies to join her in her assault on the Seine. Oh, and the mutations have also allowed her and her children to survive in freshwater.

Despite Sophia and her team's best efforts, they cannot stop Lilith and don't even realize she's reproduced until too late. One of the movie's other main protagonists, Mika, who had been trying to save Lilith, unwittingly leads a bunch of people to their demise deep within the Paris catacombs and gets eaten herself.

It's one of the film's scariest and most exciting scenes, as the sharks go on a feeding frenzy, taking out almost everyone who falls into the water—and that's before we even get to the triathlon!

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The ending of Under Paris suggests a sequel

At the end of the movie, after Lilith and her spawn have fully attacked the Seine and killed countless people, we're left with a shot of Sophia and Adil on a floating piece of debris as they watch the sharks take over.

The bombs used to blow up Lilith's nest don't work to destroy the sharks and, in fact, only make things worse as they obliterate several bridges and the surrounding infrastructure, literally opening the floodgates so the sharks can make their way up and down the Seine.

As the credits roll, we're treated to a map that uses red lines to demonstrate how Lilith's brood has spread out from the Seine to dominate the rest of France's waterways and expand to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe from there. In short, the film's protagonists fail to stop the sharks, and it's heavily implied that they're basically going to terrorize the whole world as they continue rapidly reproducing and spreading out unimpeded.

Sophia and Adil are technically alive at the end, but it's doubtful they'll remain that way for long! If this movie does well and Gens gets to make a sequel, I'm assuming we'll get to see Lilith and her girls growing even larger and eating people across the globe.

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