Netflix will premiere limited thriller series Eric, starring Benedict Cumberbatch in May

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent / Ivan Howe as Edgar
Courtesy Netflix
Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent / Ivan Howe as Edgar Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix will be debuting a new limited series starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) in May. The emotional thriller series is titled Eric.

Eric is set in New York City in the 1980s, which was an exceptionally dangerous time to live in that particular city. Crime was at a staggering high – 1,821 homicides were recorded in 1980 by the New York City Police Department – welfare cuts were hurting those already suffering financially, and a ride on the subway was considered a risk.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Vincent, who is a father, a celebrated puppeteer and the creator of an equally celebrated children’s television show called Good Day Sunshine.

Vincent’s nine year old son Edgar disappears while on his way to school one morning, and his father isn’t coping very well. His guilt and self-blame lead him to believe that the key to getting Edgar back is through his son’s drawings of ERIC, a blue monster-type puppet. Vincent becomes convinced that he needs to get ERIC a television show; if he can manage that, Edgar will return to him.

As Vincent becomes more volatile, he alienates everyone around him, including the detectives who are working on Edgar’s case. He comes to believe that his only ally is Eric.

Eric: Limited Series
Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent - Eric - Courtesy Netflix /

Eric will begin streaming on Netflix on May 30

Eric was created by Abi Morgan, an Emmy and BAFTA award sinner, and according to her: “Eric is a dark and crazy journey into the heart of 1980s New York – and the good, bad, and ugly world of Vincent.” It was directed by Lucy Forbes (The End of the F***ing World), and executive produced by Morgan, Cumberbatch, Fobes, Jane Featherstone (This is Going to Hurt) and Lucy Dyke (Black Mirror).

The six-episode series also features Ivan Howe as Edgar, Gabi Hoffman as a character named Cassie and McKinley Belcher III as Ledroit, the lead detective on Edgar’s disappearance case.

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