Pandemonium, pests and purgatory: Everything coming to Arrow in May 2024

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That beautiful weather isn't long for the season, and after we work our way through the slow slink of the spring, we are faced with the inevitability of the summer.

Arrow takes no seasons off, and they're bound and determined to keep your summer full of frights, fun, and nostalgia. They are starting this month with a smorgasbord of fan favorites just waiting for you to watch. Don't miss out on yet another electrifying and sizzling month of features from Arrow.

The Host & The Adventures of Denchu-Kozo

Kicking us off on May 3rd is a duo of short films, as Arrow continues to showcase powerful and effective shorts. The first is The Host, a tense 1960's short from Jack Hill. This short follows an outlaw trying to lay low with a local tribe. To appease them, he must sink deeper into awful crimes.

This short is full of atmosphere and violence and is sure to catch the eye of the audience. It is paired nicely with The Adventures of Denchu-Kozo. This is the absolutely polar opposite of the whacky romp following Hikari, who is bullied at school for the electricity pole growing out of his back.

Once a classmate helps him discover a time machine, he is taken to the future where he must face members of the Shinsengumi Vampire Gang who are hunting his future self. Both of these films are unique in their own quirky ways and neither of them should be missed!


Legs & The Afterlife Bureau (May 10)

On May 10th, Arrow features a trio of indie horror films that are relatively new. These may have fallen through your proverbial cracks and now is the time to circle back around and enjoy. We start with Legs.

Arachnophobes have been quite busy recently with many eight-legged creatures hitting the big screens and Legs is a great option. This film features a young couple trying to work towards parenthood, but one night, when the wife swallows a spider in her sleep, she starts developing a serious appetite for bugs. Suddenly, it becomes clear that they might achieve parenthood, but not in the way they had imagined.

They follow that up with The Afterlife Bureau, a dark comedy that ponders what if the afterlife was filled with red tape like our Earthly bureaucratic systems. Then we finish the trio with Ouzo and Blackcurran, which follows two friends as they reminisce and take a long stroll down memory lane, where they find someone else too.

Eaten Alive & Spider Baby (May 17)

On May 17th, you can enjoy some origin films for two of the most legendary genre stars. With Eaten Alive, you can venture back almost an entire decade before Robert Englund donned his famous red and green sweater as Freddy Kreuger to see one of his launching points.

This stars Englund in a particularly sleazy performance in a southern atmospheric romp from legendary director Tobe Hooper, of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. We also are being treated to Spider Baby, highlighting Lon Chaney Jr. In this whacky and strange film from Jack Hill, Chaney plays Bruno, a protector of a family and a man who covers up their interesting crimes. When two new relatives move in, can Bruno keep things under wraps or will they learn their deadly secret?


Arrow wraps up the month on May 27th with Pandemonium. Drawing on powerful themes from Dante's Inferno and Paradise Lost, this fantastical and visceral horror from Quarxx will drag audiences through lands of fantasy, drama, humor, and horror as they explore three interconnected stories of fallen souls. Each story further blurs the line between reality and the supernatural as we descend deeper into the layers of hell.

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TV series coming to Arrow in May

Of course, no Arrow month would be the same without their wonderful lineup of series. This month we get things kicked off on May 3rd, when Arrow brings in renowned director of films such as Perpetrator and Knives and Skin, Jennifer Reeder to hand select some favorites.

Reeder explains what she wanted to select stating, "Campy Culty Chaos. Feral Femme Fetish. Glorious Goopy Gore. Nasty Neo Noir. My list of ARROW Selects range from some undeniable classics by genre auteurs to more recent films from stylish storytellers who are just getting started. Generally, I am drawn to films that are peripherally or directly related to the films I make both in terms of form and content. I am a visual storyteller and I prioritize allegory over reality which is also what I appreciate about the films on this list. Each of these films, for me, is an unrelenting celebration of cinema as a profound form of fine art."

Then, Arrow takes the wrong exit on May 10th when it heads across the fields and forests for Cunning Folk. This series focuses exclusively pon folklore and fairy tales and the locals that believe in them. Hopefully you do too, you wouldn't want to upset their ancient ways! With titles such as Threshold and Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji, you cant miss this folkloric fantasy of a series.

Closing out with three more excellent series, Arrow takes us to The City That Never Sleeps on May 17th. Featuring all aspects of the underbelly of the Big Apple, this series ranges from psycho gangsters, street gangs, and even zombies! Explore the scuzziest parts of the city with titles like The Driller Killer and Basket Case. Speaking of scuzzy, May 24th will compound on that with a series simply called The Ick.

It's pretty self-explanatory here: Arrow is bringing the grossest, sleaziest, and most offputting titles right to your television; good for you! With titles like Doom Asylum and The Baby, you want to have your trash can close.

Finally, we close out the month like we close out our lives with the afterlife. In the final series of May, Arrow brings us Heaven or (Mostly) Hell, a series about the afterlife both ways. Drawing on Pandemonium, this series finds the most interesting depictions of what happens after our eyes shut. With titles like Hotel Poseidon and A Ghost Awaits, this is can't-miss!

From the grossest things they can find to the exploration of the afterlife, Arrow will always keep you on your toes. Arrow offers a 30 day free trial before paying a 4.99 monthly price for all of this quality content!

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