Poor Things and Anatomy of a Fall: Two Best Picture nominees will be available to stream on Hulu in March

Poor Things - Courtesy Searchlight Pictures/Hulu
Poor Things - Courtesy Searchlight Pictures/Hulu /

Hulu has a couple of great Oscar nominated horror/thriller films that will be streaming in March. First up is Poor Things, starring Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo.

Set in Victorian London, Poor Things is a Frankenstein-like story focusing on Bella (Stone), who is the ward of a surgeon named Godwin Baxter. He basically created her after a pregnant woman jumped from a bridge, killing herself. Godwin transferred the brain of the unborn fetus into the skull of the woman, and thus Bella is extremely childlike.

Although she has agreed to marry Max, Bella ends up involved with a wild lawyer named Duncan, and the two run off together to travel. But Bella is learning about life as they journey together, and Duncan isn’t so happy about it. Even without him, Bella continues to have life adventures (both good and bad).

Poor Things was a critical success, and has received 11 Academy Award nominations, including the coveted Best Picture nom.

Poor Things will be available to stream on Hulu as of March 7.

Anatomy of a Fall is a French murder mystery/legal drama, and has also been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (as well as for four other Oscars).

Anatomy of a Fall
Anatomy of a Fall - Courtesy Hulu /

Samuel, Sandra and 11-year-old visually impaired son Daniel live in the French Alps. One day, Daniel and his guide dog Snoop come back from a walk to find Samuel’s body in the yard, and it appears that he either jumped or was pushed from the attic window.

When investigators discover that Sandra and Samuel had a troubled marriage, she becomes a suspect, especially when it comes to light that the two were sometimes physically abusive to one another. Young Daniel becomes the star witness, and must deal with his own troubling doubts.

Anatomy of a Fall begins streaming on Hulu March 22.

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