Popular webtoon Death of a Pop Star getting a live-action adaptation from producer Diablo Cody

CAM (2018) screenwriter Isa Mazzei is set to write the script for the adaptation.
Death of a Pop Star - Wattpad Webtoon Studios
Death of a Pop Star - Wattpad Webtoon Studios /

The super popular original webtoon Death of a Pop Star from creator Violet Karim is getting the adaptation treatment from Wattpad WEBTOON Studios.

Death of a Pop Star is a global success, with over 33 million views worldwide. It regales readers with the story of a beloved pop star who suddenly dies and wakes up in Hell. Luckily for her, the Grim Reaper is a massive fan of Sophie's, and he gives her another chance at life on Earth, but that comes with dangerous consequences.

Oscar winner Diablo Cody and Oscar nominee Mason Novick, with Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, are adapting the popular webcomic. CAM screenwriter Isa Mazzei will pen the script. As a fan of Cody's work and Mazzei's highly underrated 2018 movie CAM (now on Netflix), I'm very excited to see what these two come up with together.

Cody recently wrote the excellent horror-comedy film, Lisa Frankenstein and the Academy Award-winning film Juno. She also wrote acclaimed movies like Young Adult and Tully, plus the cult classic Jennifer's Body, and created the Emmy-winning series United States of Tara with Steven Spielberg.

Besides CAM, Mazzei also served as a producer on NEON's eco-thriller How to Blow Up a Pipeline and will collaborate with writer/director Daniel Goldhaber again on the upcoming horror film Faces of Death, a remake of the gritty 1978 cult classic.

Mason Novick (Juno, Red Eye, 500 Days of Summer, Lisa Frankenstein) is producing with Cody. Wattpad WEBTOON Studios’ Aron Levitz, David Madden, and Jason Goldberg will serve as executive producers.

Regarding the upcoming adaptation, Cody, a "huge fan of both pop music and the undead," says she's "excited to help bring this offbeat story to the screen."

If you want to learn more about Death of a Pop Star and maybe read the webcomic before its adaptation, you can check it out here.

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