Pretty Little Liars: Summer School did Bloody Rose so dirty in that finale

Bloody Rose Waters gets completely sidelined and usurped by the most boring and predictable villain the show could have possibly picked.
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Huge spoilers ahead for the ending of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School was set up to be an epic season with a female slasher at its forefront. Yet, come the season finale, Bloody Rose Waters, who is unmasked and revealed to be Chip's mother, Angela Langsberry, gets completely shafted and sidelined for a male villain, specifically, Wes. Ugh.

To put it bluntly, that finale was a mess for multiple reasons, but the thing that pissed me off the most was that our cool, creepy female slasher got shunted to the side in the finale. Rose didn't get any kind of epic fight or climactic showdown in the end like Archie and Imogen had in the first season.

Even Tabby's final girl moment felt very rushed with little tension. Too much of the finale was wasted letting Wes ramble about his killer movie idea.

And let's discuss Wes. He's been a jerk since season 1. Nothing about him being the main villain is surprising. Once the reveal happens, you're like, "Well, sure." It's not exactly a shock. The second Wes steps into the picture, Bloody Rose gets completely ignored in her own story!

The finale felt like a disservice to viewers who thought we were getting build-up to an explosive ending with an iconic female slasher. Instead, we get a played-out villain we've seen a billion variations of already (Mickey in Scream 2?). I'm just super disappointed in the finale and feel like it left a lot to be desired.

I get that they might have found the Mrs. Langsberry reveal too predictable, but it would have made sense. I mean, the Pamela Voorhees vibes were there. They could have made it work by having her in cahoots with Mrs. Beasley (a.ka. Margaret White).

That would have been a fun team-up and far more entertaining than what we got. Heck, they could have thrown Jen into the mix. Say she's Chip's long-lost sister who returned to get revenge. After all, we never saw Shawn punch the wall, and the setup for her framing him was right there.

I loved Tabby getting her "final girl" moment, I just wish it was against the female slasher villain we were promised all season.

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The character shilling of Dr. Sullivan

Another thing that frustrated me in this episode is the character shilling of Dr. Sullivan. After an entire season showing her to be an important figure in the girls' lives, the show completely ruins her character in the final moments by having her call all of the girls "narcissists" during a phone call and then dismissing them by claiming she can pay them off to use their stories in her book.

Her comment felt like it came out of nowhere, lessening the impact of her death in the next moment. Oh, Archie is back after apparently escaping from the prison riot. Ugh, boring. We're done with him. This season had done a great job of showing therapy in a positive light until that ending when they turned Dr. Sullivan into a total jerk.

Speaking of Archie, does anyone actually want him back in the picture? Like, his story is done. I knew it was coming the second the "prison riot" thing happened, but I still wasn't happy about it. I'm not really interested in watching another season revolving around Archie.

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