Summer school is in session: Here's when and where to watch the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars

Bloody Rose terrorizes the girls in this excellent and terrifying new season.
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School on Max
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School on Max /

The little liars are back for more scares in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, the second season of the horror-centric Pretty Little Liars spinoff series from creators Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring. The new season officially starts on May 9!

When we last left off with the girls, they had been traumatized by the show's version of A due to the horrible things their mothers did when they were teenagers. This time around, a new villain has entered the scene, a female slasher dubbed "Bloody Rose."

All the teasers and info for this season suggest it'll be better than ever and include references to iconic horror films like Midsommar and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It seems they will be leaning quite a bit on folk horror this time, which is exciting! Below are all the details you need to start watching the new season as soon as it premieres this week.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School release schedule

The first season of Max's horror spinoff debuted in July 2022, and now the second season premieres almost two years later on Thursday, May 9. Max will drop the first two episodes of the season on Thursday before switching to one episode a week through the finale on June 20. This season is slightly shorter than Original Sin at just eight episodes vs. ten.

  • Episode 1, "Chapter Eleven: Loose Ends" - May 9
  • Episode 2, "Chapter Twelve: Summer Lovin" - May 9
  • Episode 3, "Chapter Thirteen: Sweet Sixteen" - May 16
  • Episode 4, "Chapter Fourteen: When a Stranger Calls Back" - May 23
  • Episode 5, "Chapter Fifteen: Friday the 13th" - May 30
  • Episode 6, "Chapter Sixteen: Hell House" - June 6
  • Episode 7, "Chapter Seventeen: The Bogeyman" - June 13
  • Episode 8, "Chapter Eighteen: Final Exam" - June 20

To start watching Summer School, you will need a Max subscription. Currently, Max has several different tiers available, ranging from cheaper ad-supporting options to pricier premium choices. You can sign up right here.

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Max also offers annual plans for those who would rather pay for a full year up front. By signing up for an annual plan, you can save up to 20%. The ad tier is $99.99/year, Ad-free is $149.99/year, and Ultimate Ad-free is $199.99/year.

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