Prime Video announces second season and releases first look images for THEM series

THEM: The Scare - Courtesy PRime Video
THEM: The Scare - Courtesy PRime Video /

THEM is coming back to Prime Video for a second season, which, like the first season, will be set in Los Angeles. Season one (THEM: Covenant) was set in 1952 LA, but THEM: The Scare takes place in 1991. Prime Video has announced some details, along with first look images

LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve has been assigned to the murder case of a foster mother, and this particular murder was a gruesome one. She’s a good detective, and she eventually gets on the right track to find the killer, but it comes at a cost. Something dark is now after Dawn and her family.

THEM: The Scare stars Deborah Ayorinde as Dawn, the iconic Pam Grier as Dawn’s mother and Luke James as Edmund Gaines. Fans of THEM will remember that Ayorinde also appeared in the first season of the series.

THEM: The Scare - First Look
Luke James (Edmund) - Courtesy Prime Video /

THEM’s creator/executive producer/showrunner Little Marvin says his goal was to honor Los Angeles’s history while focusing on horror. “This second installment is a new story set in the 90s, one of the most iconic decades for film, music and fashion, particularly in Los Angeles.”

THEM: Covenant debuted on Prime Video in April of 2021, with the intention of following it up with a second season. Much like American Horror Story, the premise was to follow up the first season with a new story and characters for season two.

THEM: The Scare - First Look
“The Scare” - Courtesy Prime Video /

In THEM: Covenant, a Black family in 1953 moves from North Carolina to LA, where they live in an all-white neighborhood. Slowly, the family’s home starts to fall victim to evil forces, both in human and supernatural form.

The first season of THEM was criticized in some circles as being too violent, especially in its portrayal of violence against Black people, but it was also nominated for (and won) multiple awards.

THEM: The Scare will premiere on Thursday, April 25 on Prime Video.

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