Queer slasher film Killer Body Count hits Tubi this Saturday

Slumber Party Massacre director Danishka Esterhazy directs.
Killer Body Count - Tubi PR
Killer Body Count - Tubi PR /

Believing his daughter to be a sex addict, a devout father sends her to an isolated religious retreat harboring a dark secret in the Tubi Original horror film Killer Body Count from Slumber Party Massacre and The Banana Splits Movie director Danishka Esterhazy. Watch free on Tubi starting this Saturday, May 18.

Esterhazy has proven to be an exciting voice in horror, and it's always nice to see female directors behind the camera. Her reimagining of Slumber Party Massacre was a delightful surprise, filled with meta-commentary on the slasher genre, and The Banana Splits Movie is a campy gruesome delight perfect for fans of Five Nights at Freddy's and Willy's Wonderland.

For Killer Body Count, she's working with writer Jessica Landry, who has penned the screenplays for movies such as A Podcast to Die For, Targeted for Murder, and A Widow Seduced. Based on the trailer for this one, Killer Body Count is aimed at teens and younger viewers who will pick on its slang (like the phrase "body count" being about the number of people someone has slept with).

Tubi released the official trailer and key art for the film on May 14. Here's the film's logline, "Mistaken for a sex addict by her devout father, Cami is sent to an isolated rehab center. But when a killer begins to hunt the teens, Cami realizes that her survival and her independence are intertwined in ways she could never imagine."

In short, it looks like a silly and entertaining movie, perfect for a weekend evening. And the trailer teases that at least two of the main female characters might be queer, which is always a plus!

Cassiel Eatock-Winnik (The Dark Tower), N'kone Mametja (A Soweto Love Story), and Khosi Ngema (Blood and Water) star in Killer Body Count. Esterhazy also reunited with Slumber Party Massacre star Alex McGregor, who plays one of the counselors in the movie.

Tubi has been churning out many low-budget horror movies, some better than others, like Slay, which pits drag queens against vampires, and a Terror Train remake.

Killer Body Count is produced by the Canadian company Blue Ice Pictures.

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