Saw XI: Everything we know (plus our hopes and theories!)

Releasing in September 2025, here's what we know about the eleventh Saw movie in the works.
Saw X. Photo Credit: Alexandro Bolaños Escamilla
Saw X. Photo Credit: Alexandro Bolaños Escamilla /

The eleventh Saw movie will be released next year in time for Halloween. Initially planned for fall 2024, the film was delayed to September 2025, meaning we have plenty of time to theorize what's to come in the franchise and revisit the first ten movies.

But for those eager to learn about what comes next in the franchise, we have some news to share. Bloody Disgusting has already confirmed that Saw X director Kevin Greutert will return to direct, which is a good sign, though it is a little disappointing that Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger aren't back for Saw XI. The writers haven't yet been announced.

We also don't have any casting details just yet, though I know we're all hoping that mainstays like Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith will star once again.

Here's the Lionsgate clip featuring Billy the Puppet revealing the new Saw XI date.

What could Saw XI be about? And who might return?

It's basically confirmed at this point that Saw XI will be another prequel series, likely a direct sequel to Saw X, following up with John Kramer, Amanda Young, and Mark Hoffman after John's trip to Mexico. Cecilia Pederson is a fascinating and fun antagonist who seems capable of giving John a run for his money.

Cecilia is still alive when Saw X ends, so she will likely return. As for Hoffman, while he isn't in the main movie, he does show up during the post-credits scene, indicating he'll be back, too.

Because Saw X was both a critical and financial success, producers will likely want to focus on emulating what made Saw X successful. Most of us can agree that the return of characters like John and Amanda was a step in the right direction. Killing them off in the third movie has always felt like a misstep that the series has been trying to rectify ever since.

Luckily, Saw is somewhat infamous for having a wonky timeline, so producers can feel free to go back in time to tell the story from the early days when those characters were still alive.

While chatting with SFX Magazine, executive producer Oren Koules confirmed that "[John] and [Amanda] are in a foreign country still," and he believes that "would be a natural place to take at least the next one."

When we left off with them at the end of Saw X, they sought revenge against Cecilia and her colleagues for scamming John into believing they could cure his brain cancer. He got his revenge on them, though Cecilia did survive.

If Bell doesn't want to do any more Saw movies, a potential spinoff involving Chris Rock is still possible. Producer Mark Burg told SFX Magazine that Rock "would love to do one," but he specifically said that due to the success of Saw X, they want to focus on the follow-up for now.

Saw XI will be released in theaters on September 26, 2025.

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