Say "I do" to Spirit Halloween's new Bride of Chucky Funko POP! figure

Celebrate your love of Chucky with an all-new Funko POP! collectible, available now on the Spirit Halloween website.
Bride of Chucky Funko - Courtesy Spirit Halloween
Bride of Chucky Funko - Courtesy Spirit Halloween /

Spirit Halloween is already amping things up for Spooky Season, joining forces with Funko to create a new Halloween collectible. The two companies will be releasing a limited-edition Funko POP! Movie Moment collectible celebrating the film Bride of Chucky.

Everyone who loves the Halloween season knows all about Spirit Halloween. Their website is active year-round, but it’s almost a rite of passage to visit a brick and mortar Spirit Halloween store as soon as one opens in your area, right? That’s how I know Halloween is on its way, and I become absolutely giddy the first time I set foot in my local store (usually in August).

Child’s Play is definitely a movie that keeps on giving, even though the original film was released back in 1988. It was followed by seven films (including sequels and a reboot), two short films, and Chucky, the hit tv series on Syfy/USA.

There is absolutely no doubt that Chucky is a horror fan’s favorite homicidal doll. Now Funko and Spirit Halloween are paying homage to Chucky and his equally psychotic bride Tiffany. The 3.5” tall Chucky and Tiffany collectible features the murderous couple in a scene from their film, and is officially licensed. It retails for $39.99, and can be purchased right now on the Spirit Halloween website.

If you need a refresher course before buying your own Movie Moments figure, Bride of Chucky starred Jennifer Tilly as Chucky’s girlfriend Tiffany Valentine, and Brad Douriff once again voiced the killer doll. Tiffany was willing to do anything for her lil’ man, including commit murder, but the two got in a fight when she found out he had no intention of ever marrying her. Chucky killed Tiffany, then used a voodoo spell to transfer her soul into the body of a bride doll.

Bride of Chucky Funko 2
Bride of Chucky Funko - Courtesy Spirit Halloween /

Now the two dolls were on a mission to retrieve an amulet that would restore both of them to their human selves. Everything culminates in the human Tiffany giving birth to a doll, Glen, who returned in the next sequel Seed of Chucky. It’s all very bloody, silly, and dare we say…romantic? Jennifer Tilly even does double duty by playing herself.

Order your Bride of Chucky Movie Moments Funko POP! online now, or you can wait until a local Spirit Halloween store opens in your hometown.