8 scariest movies to stream on Shudder

Still from Skinamarink. Photo Credit: Shudder
Still from Skinamarink. Photo Credit: Shudder /

Are you looking for something to watch that'll give you the creeps? If so, you need to head on over to Shudder, one of the main streaming hubs to carry some of the scariest movies. To help you out, we even decided to share a list of eight horror movies currently streaming on Shudder that we believe will leave you unsettled and disturbed.

However, it's important to mention that whether or not you find these movies scary is subjective and depends on your personal tolerance for horror. What terrifies one person might not faze another. Now, let's get this list started!

Skinamarink (2022)

Directed and written by: Kyle Edward Ball

What makes Skinamarink scary is the atmosphere of dread it creates. Then, there are the jump scares, creepy noises, and unsettling images throughout the movie, which can make for a frightening viewing experience for some viewers. The supernatural horror film follows two young siblings, a boy and a girl, who wake up in the middle of the night to find their father missing and the windows, doors, and other objects in their house gradually disappearing. As they await their father's return, they soon find themselves being tormented by a sinister entity in their house.

Host (2020)

Directed by: Rob Savage

Written by: Savage, Jed Shepherd, and Gemma Hurley

Set during the COVID-19 pandemic, Host follows a group of six friends who, during one of their weekly Zoom calls, decide to conduct a virtual séance with the assistance of a medium. But things go terribly wrong when they inadvertently summon a malevolent spirit that makes its presence known in their homes and begins terrorizing them. Will the group of friends survive the night?

Hell House LLC (2015)

Directed and written by: Stephen Cognetti

Hell House LLC is hands down one of the scariest found-footage horror films ever. The tense, eerie atmosphere and the well-timed jump scares is what makes this movie scary. Presented as a documentary, we follow a documentary crew as they visit the site of a haunted house attraction whose opening night ended with 15 unexplained deaths of tour-goers and staff. The crew's goal is to investigate and uncover the truth, but are they actually prepared to find out what happened on that tragic night many years ago?

The Dark and the Wicked (2020)

Directed and written by: Bryan Bertino

The Dark and the Wicked is a supernatural horror film centering around two siblings who, after returning to their family's secluded farmhouse, encounter a demonic entity that begins taking over their family. They start to experience horrifying visions and a series of disturbing and supernatural occurrences that ultimately challenge their sanity and test their bond.

Anything for Jackson (2020)

Directed by: Justin G. Dyck

Written by: Keith Cooper

Anything for Jackson is just plain old disturbing and creepy. It centers around an elderly couple and practicing satanists, Audrey and Henry Walsh, who while still grieving the loss of their only grandson, decide to kidnap a pregnant woman in order to perform a reverse exorcism. The exorcism would allow the couple to place the spirit of their deceased grandson into the pregnant woman's unborn child, but what ends up happening is that they inadvertently summon malevolent supernatural forces into their home.

Speak No Evil (2022)

Directed by: Christian Tafdrup

Written by: Christian and Mads Tafdrup

Danish couple Bjørn and Louise are on vacation in Tuscany with their young daughter when they meet and hit it off with Dutch couple Patrick and Karin and their son Abel, who is believed to suffer from congenital aglossia. Months later, Bjørn and Louise receive an invitation from Patrick and Karin, inviting them to their secluded rural home in the Netherlands. But that's when things take a left turn. What was supposed to be a fun stay quickly turns into a fight for survival for the Danish family.

When Evil Lurks (2023)

Directed and written by: Demián Rugna

I think many people would agree with me when I say that When Evil Lurks is an incredibly tense and disturbing horror movie. It's also really gory, so it might not be for every horror fan. The plot centers around two brothers who, after discovering that a demon-possessed body is living in a nearby farmhouse, take matters into their own hands and decide to get rid of it to prevent the demonic infection from spreading. But their reckless actions end up triggering a supernatural plague.

Terrified (2018)

Directed and written by: Demián Rugna

If you're looking to be spooked, you definitely need to check out Terrified on Shudder. It's super creepy and delivers genuinely terrifying jump scares. The film centers around paranormal researchers investigating the inexplicable supernatural incidents occurring in an ordinary, quiet suburban neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

Will you be watching or rewatching any of these horror films on Shudder?

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