Sci-fi humanoid stalker Thriller raise awareness of A.I.

Sci-fi Thriller T.I.M. breathes a candy valley M3GAN-lookalike appearance and touch of You's Joe Goldberg.
T.I.M. (2024) - Official Trailer
T.I.M. (2024) - Official Trailer / Brainstorm Media

Artificial intelligence has been a concern since the launch of Lensa and ChatGPT. British filmmaker Spencer Brown’s debut sci-fi thriller T.I.M follows an engineer who begins work on her company’s latest upgrade to A.I. humanoid. Eventually, things go from good to worst when the servant humanoid becomes obsessed with our protagonist.

The screener shows a striking candy valley M3GAN-like appearance from our first introduction of the clean-cut, blue button shirt and pants-wearing humanoid. The film addresses the competitiveness between the leading man and the humanoid, especially if the competitiveness steers towards winning the attention and appreciation of a woman. 

While steering that focus on artificial intelligence and whether there will be a servant human-like robot in every home in the next five to ten years, writer-director Brown shows in T.I.M what that would look like while raising eyebrows on the questions and concerns surrounding the subject of artificial intelligence.

The film's awareness of artificial intelligence will grab our attention long enough until the third act, once the protagonist discovers the truth. The third act calls upon the film’s beginning until the final scene raises questions about the future of artificial intelligence and whether an artificial intelligence humanoid is a good idea.

The most eye-catching thing from the film that steers close attention is whether it was the costume designer's and the filmmaker's choice to make T.I.M. look similar to M3GAN's physical appearance. However, a screening of T.I.M. certainly brings awareness to our use of artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT and other AI products. 

Brown's T.I.M. breathes the questions we may have about what would happen if a billion-dollar tech company invented a servitude robot, and the only AI humanoid to serve you best is for the humanoid to have access to all your passwords. Would you give that information up for your own personal AI humanoid? 

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