Sci-fi thriller Latency blurs the line between virtual reality and the real thing in terrifying ways

An agoraphobic gamer trials a sophisticated piece of equipment that starts tampering with her subconscious.
Latency - Cr: Lionsgate
Latency - Cr: Lionsgate /

What would happen if your video game equipment started tampering with your mind and making you see things that cause you to question your reality? That's the plot of Lionsgate's upcoming science fiction thriller Latency, releasing in theaters on June 14.

Anna star Sasha Luss plays Hana, a professional gamer suffering from acute agoraphobia. When Hana gets a unique opportunity to test a new gaming console that utilizes artificial intelligence, she jumps at the chance to improve her technique.

She and her friend Jen (Alexis Ren) begin experimenting with the technology as the line between reality and Hana's subsconscious starts to blur, causing Hana to question whether the "gaming" device is really ushering in a sinister force.

The official trailer teases that Hana will begin seeing horrific manifestations at home, something particularly terrifying for an agoraphobic who views her living space as a safe zone. One particular scene in the trailer shows Hana seeing her mouth stretching open with a disturbing monster-like grin. Another displays a room full of monstrous creatures.

The PG-13 film is directed and written by James Croke, who makes his feature directorial debut with Latency after having previously written and directed the sci-fi short film Shift.

Given that the cast consists of just two actresses, it seems like this will be a very intimate and tightly-paced movie, further evidenced by the 94-minute runtime. I'm sure many of my fellow gamers out there will be interested in checking this one out.

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